Screenshot Saturday Featuring My Familiar, Cascade Cafe, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! And more than likely the final edition until after New Year’s, given that this is typically the time to take a break in order to celebrate the holidays. Celebrations which also likely include trying to play as many games that we’ve picked up throughout the year (or those we’ll receive as gifts or purchase in holiday sales) before any such break ends. Because this was indeed an extremely tough year – shock of all shocks, I know – and it hasn’t even been easy for this feature as well. But at least we had a year filled with several impressive games to help us get through it, including the last few days ahead of us. And we have even more great games to look forward to in 2021 and beyond! For example, this latest crop of sneak peeks and WIPs provided by various developers and more through social media. They’re all certainly something to look forward to, so happy holidays, happy new year, and we’ll see you on the other side! Cheers!

Narita Boy- Not entirely sure what slashing up a massive enemy in a retro-futuristic ’80s world while a rock band plays in the background has to do with Christmas, but that gorgeous animation and smooth-as-butter combat just couldn’t be resisted. Maybe the band is playing some “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)” in the background? Well, that’s likely the only thing that could somehow make this more awesome, so sure, let’s go with that!

Zealot- Well, after having been featured here in Screenshot Saturday more than a few times, this top-down adventure inspired by Slavic religion and folklore finally has its own Steam page. So not only do you get some more screenshots that provide a greater glimpse at what game will look like in action with the HUD and everything, but it also means that you can properly wishlist the game as well, which I recommend doing ASAP.

Existensis- This bears repeating, but I am absolutely flabbergasted at just how much hard work went into crafting this hand-drawn, exploration-based platformer. I mean, look at this. This is all just for one background character (and one with a nice and unique design at that)! So here’s looking forward to seeing even more of this gorgeous game and its unique world in action.

My Familiar- Look, I’m a simple man. I see a snippet of an RPG that shows two colorful familiars and a duck-headed muscleman battle a group of evil, sentient plates and cutlery, and I immediately fall in love with it. Apparently this is part of a buddy cop/noir tale, and I am definitely keeping this one on my radar just to see where this tale can possibly go next.

Cascade Cafe- We’ve seen countless digital adaptations of board games before, but what about a game where you play as cafe patrons who are themselves playing a digital board game? Complete with story modes for each of these caffeine-sipping critters? The board game itself already looks simple yet addictive, but the world around it is the true cherry on top.

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami- Alright, insert your own Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings joke here, I suppose. But while this guard may easily resemble something out of a work of fantasy, it also makes for one impressive enemy in this side-scrolling cyberpunk slasher, suggesting a creative world to play in filled with incredible visuals. So here’s hoping the rest of the forest is as impressive (and less violent).

Whalien- It’s not every day that you see a game whose description includes “mechanical candypunk whale.” Or “candypunk,” for that matter. I may not be sure what “candypunk” fully means yet, but I do know that it’ll at least be a part of an impressive-looking physics-based puzzler where you battle squid-like creatures inside of said giant mechanical whale with pearls that unleash magnetic powers. And as seen here, those pearls can easily clear a room quite quickly…

BrightSeeker- Not sure this tweet is doing this action game’s world justice, thanks to Twitter’s compression and whatnot. So I suggest heading to the Steam page it mentions, which shows off more of the game and it’s neon-drenched, stylized world in action (and where you can wishlist it as well, of course). But that said, even this one sweep looks damn impressive as well.

If On a Winter’s Night, Four Travelers- Okay, that might not exactly be a title that rolls off the tongue easily. But while you may have trouble remembering the name, you won’t likely forget this clever-looking point-and-click adventure about the stories of four mysterious individuals in the 1920s attending a masuerade on a train. This one shot alone suggests individuals with colorful costumes, but the tales our protagonists have will likely be even more nicely odd…

Kova: AlphaLink- Finally, let’s close with a bit of promising 2D multiplayer combat, where you can have old-fashioned shootouts with your friends in stunning sci-fi settings. Granted, in this case, it may just be victory against a bot, but you know what? It’s 2020. We’ll take whatever victories we can get.

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