Screenshot Saturday Featuring Osteoblasts, Mørkredd, More

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, developers, publisher and more take to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to share various little glimpses into their upcoming games, and we are certainly more than happy to gather a batch of them and highlight anything interesting that popped up! And this Saturday brought us…*checks posts using tag*…another truckload of spam that’s returned. So okay, looks like it’s time for the “anything goes” rule to be invoked here again! Luckily, though, this wasn’t the only prominent showcase for indie games this past week, as The Escapist held another Indie Games Showcase (following the one they did this summer) that had some interesting stuff, so why not splice in a few notable selections from there as well? And so without further ado, let’s get to this week’s crop…

Osteoblasts- Well, as if the quirky charm of Keylocker becoming a new dominant force here in Screenshot Saturday wasn’t enough, Moonana revealed another trick up their sleeve with this new dungeon crawler. It’s actually being developed by their animator Anglerman during their spare time, yet this gleefully odd tale of skeletons raised by cats to do battle with dogs still looks like a charming bit of fun, and thus definitely deserves just as much attention as their other projects!

Mørkredd- I honestly don’t know how this one flew under my radar for quite a while. Maybe it’s just because there are already quite a few puzzle games based around the manipulation of light and shadow, but a couch co-op game (that can be played solo as well) about two people pushing a giant orb of light around and trying to avoid being killed by darkness certainly has a unique touch. And as seen with this small portion of a puzzle, it looks visually pleasing as well. Definitely one to look out for.

Stasis: Bone Totem- I still have yet to finish the original acclaimed point-and-click sci-fi horror adventure from 2015, and now it looks like I’ll have to get around to that soon, what with this sequel now in the works. This time around, we have a family exploring an abandoned rig in the depths of the Pacific Ocean where, as you can see here, things haven’t gone too well. Definitely some nice and creepy stuff to look forward to.

Suzerain- If I can be honest, virtual events like the Steam Game Festival feel like they’ve become so commonplace and packed with the same demos that I have trouble finding anything engaging in them. However, a major highlight from the previous one was this text-based political thriller from Torpor Games, which sucked me in for well over an hour and still had me wanting more. That said, though, a text-based adventure does make for a tricky Screenshot Saturday feature, so just take this trailer and my word for it.

Skul: The Hero Slayer- Given that this roguelike platforming darling is set to leave Early Access and get a full release sometime around December, I’m a bit hyped as to what any reveal coming next week could be. But for now, a little action-packed burst with our skeletal hero dashing around and throwing kunai will be more than enough to tide me over.

GigaBash- I really don’t see how anyone cannot root for an arena brawler centered around kaiju, especially one as colorful and fun-looking as this. It helps that the developers have clearly had a ton of fun whipping up the various characters, such as a classic Ultraman homage complete with dynamic posing. Gigaman here is stepping out of retirement, after all, so he needs this to be special.

8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure- Well, I’ve already gone through at least for different games that explore the afterlife in various ways during this year alone, so sure, why not add another one? In a twist, though, what he have here is a metroidvania game inspired by Korean folk tales involving the afterlife, presented with an eye-catching style and palette. So it certainly has my attention, especially when it comes to figuring out how this particular scene fits into the story…

Coffee Noir- I’ve seen a few unique hybrids in the indie scene, yet I haven’t come across a mix of alternate universes, noir adventures, and business management games yet. Until now, of course, where you’re a detective who ends up running a coffee business in order to track down a missing tycoon in Neo-London. Here we see splashes of the detective aspects, but hopefully the management parts also come together as well to make a satisfying blend.

Inkulinati- A turn-based strategy game that takes place on medieval manuscripts with creatures brought to life by living ink that battle each other? That’s a unique concept that ensures this game already has its foot in the door in my book, and the impressive style will have me invite it in. Yet somehow, it’s a the death of donkey bards that will make me insist on it staying.

The Knightwitch- Okay, so I’m guessing they just haven’t programmed any proper reactions, hitboxes, or such into this stylish metroidvania game’s boss battles yet. But now that they’ve put it out there, I say we demand that the bosses be allowed to pet you somehow. Especially if they’re a dog or cat in some way.