Screenshot Saturday Featuring Pink River, Militsioner, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where developers, publishers and more use the #screenshotsaturday tag to provide little glimpses into their latest work, and we gather up a batch of the impressive games that were showcased this way! Now, I know in the last couple of weeks here, I’ve been down in the dumps due to the sheer amount of spam that’s been showing up and abusing the tag, causing me lose the tag as a requirement and go back to “anything goes” rules. Well, good news, this week saw a rather drastic decrease in spam, possibly one of the lowest amounts yet, and allowing for more games to shine through again!…

…And I’m not falling for it. Yeah, this has already happened more than once this year. The Screenshot Saturday spam level gets too high, I worry about it publicly, but then it decreases, only for the spammers to rise again later. So yeah, good news for all of the games shown off this weekend, but I’m still going by “anything goes” for now, and still pondering the possibility of alternate directions. But hey, again, there was still a lot of good stuff to work with, so let’s get to it!

Pink River- Yes, yes, I know Hannes led off last week’s edition with Gunhowl already, and I originally wanted to put some distance before featuring them again…but at the last minute, I noticed another tweet while finishing that edition up, saying that Gunhowl was a SIDE project. And given how amazing the side project looks, that just got me more interested in the main event. Mind you, I don’t think Hannes explicitly stated that this was their main focus, but regardless, it’s a unique and fun-looking action and puzzle blend created for a game jam, where you have to constantly build an ever-shifting raft with debris gathered from an ever-shifting river. Clever stuff, and now I can’t wait for both!

Militsioner- Somehow I knew that this game would pop up here after catching a lot of peoples’ attention a while ago. Described as a “surreal immersive runaway simulator,” here you have to try and escape a small town while getting around one small recurring obstacle, that of a skyscraper-sized police officer that watches your every move as closely as possible. It’s already interesting stuff as is, but the addition of speech like this seems to add a bit more strategy as well…or a bit of creepy fun.

Nour- For the next few games, let’s head over to the recent MIX NEXT event and focus on a few games shown there! Nour immediately grabbed my attention thanks to how fun and colorful it looks, as players create surreal pieces of art with different varieties of food, exploring their aesthetics. Truly some unique stuff. Although it did also catch my attention earlier when it was announced for the PS5 as well, which was obviously due to the dangers of average PCs not being able to handle the intensity of the chocolate syrup, hence the need for advanced hardware.

Victory Heat Rally- Skydevilpalm have always impressed me with some astonishing pixel art whenever I see them, and said art always happens to be attached to some heavily cheerful and incredible-looking games as well. In this case, it’s an arcade racer with a deliberate nod to the “super scaler” aesthetics of several racers from around the early ’90s. It looks like a colorful blast, and if you think that as well, maybe consider chipping in towards their Kickstarter campaign.

Princess Farmer- A tale of an ordinary farmer who suddenly gets the powers of Mother Gaia, this is another twist on the tried-and-true match-three formula, aiming to combine it with a charming narrative full of cute and likeable characters (mainly bunnies). But it definitely has its gameplay twists as well, as seen here with a kind of battle that will require a good deal of strategy, and hopefully result in some intense one-on-one matches.

Strings Theory- You wouldn’t think a bunch of squiggles would make for the stars of a potential hit puzzle game, but here we are. A logic game built around physical string theory, the game sees you navigating some tricky labyrinths, and as seen here, they’re only going to get trickier as the game progresses. It has the makings of an odd gem, and I can’t wait to see more.

Windjammers 2- By this point, it should likely be a given that any revival of a retro gaming franchise under Dotemu’s banner is going to feature some breathtaking art and animation. Case in point, Jao here, serving up a curve that looks extremely stunning. The original Windjammers was already a hidden gem, and so far all signs point to sequel more than doing it justice as well.

Undying- One of my favorites from the recent Steam Game Festival, this survival game all about trying to teach your son to survive in a recent zombie apocalypse had fun gameplay, nicely done emotional beats, and an attractive style. It’s certainly one to keep on your radar, and to answer the question posed, I think a machete and a crossbow would work best, respectively. Not sure where you find crossbows in a modern-day setting, but that’s just my first thought.

Nadir- This roguelike JRPG is apparently inspired by the artwork of Tsutomu Nihei, H.R. Giger, and the visual style of Sin City. It’s certainly an odd yet fitting mix for a game about parasitic living weapons, and it certainly does look impressive, even when it comes to  simple areas such as a skill tree. Consider my interest piqued.

Jetboard Joust- The fact that this one screenshot alone is lit up like the Fourth of July should immediately let you know that we have some classic arcade action going on here, spiked with some touches of bullet hell and roguelikes. Plus you get to ram into enemy aliens at top speeds it order to smash them up with a hoverboard! What’s not to like?

Timelie- …Okay, yes, this game has already been out for a few months now. But aside from the fact that I’m kicking myself for not jumping at any chances to cover it more back then, I could tell that I wasn’t going escape this week without highlighting at least one “How it started/How it’s going” post, and this one seemed to do the best job at showcasing just how far this stealth puzzler has come. It looks like a lot of hard work went into things, and it clearly paid off, so yay!