Screenshot Saturday Featuring Recompile, Colt Canyon, Many More

Well, after our hiatus from last time in order to focus on E3 (which had at least one game that Screenshot Saturday may or may not have had a hand in getting there), it’s time for our triumphant return, ready to showcase another crop of promising games promoting themselves with the #screenshotsaturday tag…except it appears that there may still be a post-E3 lull in effect, as the offerings felt a bit light this weekend. Either that, or I may still be exhausted from the ordeal at E3 myself, and may have been in too much of a trance to notice a few tweets. Nonetheless, there were still some notable prospects, so let’s get right to them!

The Last Friend- What kind of monster attacks a dog shelter in a post-apocalyptic universe? Well, whoever they are, they certainly deserve to be beaten down with full-on power moves as seen here in this impressive beat-’em-up/tower defense hybrid. And with a crowdfunding campaign now active at the game’s official site, you too can already begin contributing to making sure these bastards get a proper boot to the face! Yay!

Recompile- Being a 3D metroidvania game set entirely in the inner workings of a computer, it’s a no-brainer that a unique game such as this would aim for a unique visual style. And as seen with some brief examples here, they are definitely working hard to create some rather stunning stuff. Now here’s hoping the gameplay is just as impressive (which certainly seems to be the case so far).

Moonscars- So far whenever this 2D action game has been featured here, the focus has primarily simply been on how amazing the visuals look. Thankfully, though, as of today we can now say that the visuals AND the combat both look amazing, if the above clip is any indication! Now here’s hoping we see even more of this game later on!

Colt Canyon- A 2D top-down shooter with roguelike elements, what we have here is a Western tale about having to rescue one’s partner from some evil bandits…but the harsh wilderness means that bandits won’t be your only enemy along the way, it appears. And as seen with the bloodstains and blows that it can take, this bear is definitely going to be putting up a nice and meaty challenge.

UnDungeon- When a bunch of dimensions are colliding together, that tends to mean two things: Armageddon and impressive visuals. And even this one bit of scenery from this action RPG is attention-grabbing, thanks to the hypnotic swirls, as if to visually show the dimensions merged and being held together. Quite the trippy sight indeed.

Refoil- As seen in the past with titles such as Chasm and Sundered, mixing roguelike elements into metroidvania games can be a bit tricky at times, especially when it comes to stitching together randomized levels. This particular sci-fi entry into that category does definitely appear to still have promise, though, especially with bits like this showcasing the sheer amount of detail and effort going into everything.

Wave Break- Having played this game at E3, I can indeed confirm that while it is fun to pull of tricks as you ride a jet-ski around like a skateboard, it will take a lot of practice in order to expertly chain together tricks. So with enough time and effort, you too should be able to pull off some epic rail grinds such as this. A LOT of time and effort, but still…

Boyfriend Dungeon- In an RPG where you get to date your weapons that turn into romantic partners, one has to wonder just what discussions the two of you would have after a scenario such as this. Because one of you is either going to be traumatized or have a ton of bug guts all over themselves, which might be a slight mood killer.

Neon Tail- I think it goes without saying that we would all be in favor of a Jet Set Radio comeback, either via a sequel or more spiritual successors. So I welcome this contribution to the latter, and while we would like to see the open world it promises and the interdimensional threat at the center of its plot, a sweet wall ride will indeed do for now. Feel free to support the devs on Patreon to help out, though!

Valfaris- This certainly looks like an amazing sci-fi heavy metal action game with some jaw-dropping graphics, as seen here, but Valfaris makes it in here this week because a good chunk of our E3 away team is still bummed that they couldn’t give it any awards because it wasn’t playable there, just shown at the PC Gaming Show conference. So consider this a consolation prize from those writers! Now maybe they can sleep at night!