Screenshot Saturday Featuring Resolutiion, Airhead, Many More

Alright, welcome back to our weekly edition of Screenshot Saturday…where I begin by having to apologize for last week’s edition. Apparently we either had too many tweets in one place (which is odd, as we’ve had at least three others with just as many or more tweets), or one of said tweets was apparently causing issues and causing loading troubles somehow. The end result was that we had to switch to using links instead of embedded tweets later on in the day, which felt incredibly embarrassing for a feature called Screenshot Saturday (the fact that it was one of my favorite lineups stung quite a bit as well). But we should be back to normal this week, once again plucking notable uses of the #screenshotsaturday tag that help promote impressive games in progress. So without further ado, on with the show.

Knights and Bikes- Foam Sword’s upcoming Goonies-esque 1980s adventure is still coming along quite nicely, especially when it comes to its graphics and settings. I am not actually certain if any actual miniature gold course would invest in animatronics as detailed such as this, but it certainly works here, looking stylish while fitting into the tourist trap nature of Penfurzy, our heroines’ British island home. Still damn good stuff that’s eagerly anticipated.

The Wild at Heart- This is a game about magical creatures (two kids, magical creatures, and adventure, to quote the website), but we did not expect this level of detail put into them. The sheer amount of Pikmin-like buddies and the way they seamlessly move to and from formation is absolutely amazing, and combined with the jaw-dropping art style, definitely makes for stunning imagery and what looks to be fun gameplay.

Kunai – The last time we had featured this metroidvania game in Screenshot Saturday, it was with a relatively calm moment involving a ninja run between areas. So for a change of pace, let’s just cut straight into some pure action right now. I’m not certain why wasps would be tunneling out of the ground and attacking a sentient tablet, but it doesn’t really matter when it makes for good combat moments such as this.

Resolutiion- A Zelda-inspired action game about a soldier and an AI named Alibii attempting to deduce the secrets of the gargantuan lands they inhabit and the bizarre entities and conflicts that emerge from it. And it says a lot when a mere screenshot of one the more calm moments in a video game that was mentioend prior still manages to be this eye-catching, thanks to a good chunk of detail and work put into this structure. Can’t wait to see more of things!

Airhead- And here we have yet another example of a calmer moment being able to grab one’s attention, largely thanks to the lighting and atmosphere created with a few simple touches. Though considering that this is a game about a headless body attempting to carry around a deflating organism and keeping it from dying, and that said organism is nowhere to be seen here, maybe it isn’t best to stay calm…and again, can’t wait for more of this one as well.

Rival Megagun- In all honesty, I don’t really think that I can come up with something clever to say about this battle of shoot-’em-ups where side-scrolling players duke it out. Really, all I can say is that this is one impressive clip that showcases what should be one damn fun and unique game that comes out in less than two weeks. What else would you need?

Eagle Island- The Eagle Island developers tend to get a lot of tweets in – and rightfully so, as it looks like an absolutely fun platformer each time it appears – but this time it had to be highlighted for causing me to think of how little narrative sense most mine cart levels make. Even if a good chunk of them are abandoned, who keeps building them to resemble thrill rides in the first place? And what the heck are they even mining for? I did not expect to suddenly be thinking about the logic behind decades-old gaming tropes, but here we are…

Jitsu Squad- Your classic, cartoonish arcade beat-’em-up about a group of heroes that use martial arts to defeat a flurry of various villains. But the human form shown here makes one wonder if these are humans cursed with animal forms, or animals that can shapeshift into humans in a tanuki-like fashion. Whatever the case, it still looks impressive and shows off what could be one intense brawler to look out for.

The Mind Sword- Grid-based combat and movement certainly isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to fighting games, but this colorful title looks like it has a shot at pulling off such a unique concept. We get a more quiet moment here focusing less on combat and more on little graphical touches such as cutting through grass, but damned if things still don’t look impressive.

Trailmakers- Currently available in Early Access, this open-world game with a focus on building your own vehicles still looks to be quite impressive as it showcases rather insane modes of transportation such as this that should be a blast to experiment with. Though for some reason my mind immediately jumps to the Angry Video Game Nerd’s fake commercial for Big Rigs whenever I see off-road gameplay and gleefully insane, rule-defying driving like this. It just happens.

Cloudpunk- We’ve seen more than few tales about couriers in cyberpunk universes before, but not many with cities that have actually pierced the skies, Jetsons-style. We don’t have any big doses of gameplay for this title yet, but they certainly now how to create one attractive, neon-coated voxel future to play in that we definitely want to see more of.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two- A spooky clock store in the middle of a forest surrounded by several ominous giant gears? I fail to see how anything wrong can result from this! Tick Tock drew a lot of attention at PAX West for its unique gameplay hook of a co-op adventure game where two players play through on two different devices, although it’s a bit hard for that to come across in screenshots and clips. But even when it comes to creating an eerie atmosphere, it still succeeds.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark- I’ve never been one for Final Fantasy Tactics-style medieval fantasy RPGs myself, but I do certainly appreciate the hard work that goes into a lot of them. That definitely goes for this entry into the genre, also available in Early Access, which has the additional benefit of some amazing artwork and graphics to impress me with. Very good stuff indeed!

Super Seeker- And closing things out with one more game available in Early Access, here we have an intriguing hide-and-seek title while the players can disguise themselves as the various props located in the environments. And it easily wins this week’s award for “Funniest Shot Without Context.” Make up your own tales involving bathroom horror, folks.

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