Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rot in a Porcelain Dream, Crown Trick, More

Hello, welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday here at Hardcore Gamer…where I am honestly starting to honestly feel defeated. I’m sorry, I know I should be more positive when working on a feature highlighting little glimpses into promising games, but things are starting to get…draining. I discussed how I had encountered a massive glut of spam again last week, but holy crap, this week was even worse. The amount of posts by people who don’t know what the #screenshotsaturday tag is for or just flat out clearly don’t care as long they get to promote themselves or their trash really just seemed to outnumber the actual posts about games. Not helped by at least half a dozen entire spam accounts clogging it up with multiple posts using as many trending hashtags possible, which Twitter doesn’t seem to actually care about, given how many times I report these problems and how much it still happens…even moreso.

When discussing this with HG’s head Steve Hannley, he sympathized with me, and wondered if there wasn’t a different tag that everyone could use instead. I didn’t think of one right off the bat…then found some inspiration this past week.

This past Tuesday, you see, was the fifth and latest round of #PitchYaGame. I had indeed seen the tag on Twitter over the past few months, but honestly never really looked into it. As it turns out, the whole thing is a platform created by industry veteran and 2Awesome scout Liam Twose, who wanted to educate developers on the art of the pitch by having them deliver little elevator pitch using tweets with the #PitchYaGame tag, which would also help the games get more exposure in general. Not only is this an obviously game-specific tag, but given that my entire approach to Screenshot Saturday is treating the majority of tweets that I come across as little pitches, it suddenly became something that I felt would be a perfect fit for me.

So after getting frustrated today, I just decided to stop at the halfway point when looking through Screenshot Saturday posts, and just decided that today is going to be a mix of #screenshotsaturday and #PitchYaGame instead, because an initiative like that deserves all of the attention possible (and because I basically make the rules anyway). Sadly, I didn’t have the time to go in-depth when browsing #PitchYaGame entries, but I certainly found some titles worth checking out. I don’t know if this is going to lead any changes or anything different yet, but it felt like a breath of fresh air, so I thank Liam from the bottom of my heart for this. But enough talk for now. I mean, you all came here to see some games, right? So let’s get to it…

Schim- For starters, I was a bit overjoyed to learn that Schim here was apparently the big viral hit of this month’s #PitchYaGame session. It’s a puzzle-platformer that I’ve featured here several times in the past, largely because I thought it was putting a clever spin on shadow-based gameplay, has a unique style, and just looks damn fun overall, jumping from shade to shade. So I’m extremely glad to see that others are loving the game just as much, and I raise my glass to Ewoud! Congrats!

Rot in a Porcelain Dream- Described as “a 2.5D tag-team action adventure” and a blend of Dark Souls, Trine, and Marvel vs. Capcom, this already sounds like an incredibly ambitious game on paper…and then you see something like the boss battle shown here and realize that this is actually INSANELY ambitious. The graphics are stunning, the combat looks smooth as butter and tons of fun, and the premise sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see more of this game later!

Crown Trick- I had the chance to try out this game’s demo during PAX Online, and found it to be a unique take on roguelike dungeon crawlers, with a cleverly-implemented turn-based twist, gameplay that’s easy to get into, and a charming style with just the right amount of levity. Definitely some promising stuff. But let’s be honest, it’s the inclusion of a knight that appears to worship chickens which seals the deal.

Bravery Network Online- Another game I’ve checked out some demos of (most recently during Gamescom), what we have here is a bit of a quirky take on Pokémon, where teams of people battle in a post-apocalyptic world in order to stay hooked up to technology. A quirky sense of humor and eye-catching character designs certainly help it to stand out, and the clever twists it adds to the formula when it comes to combat help keep things fresh. Impressive stuff, and you do have to appreciate any game where flaunting is a legitimate attack.

Reach- This adventure game certainly looks delightfully odd, though I confess that I have yet to get around to the demo advertised here yet. But it is an attractive journey reminiscent of point-and-click classics that certain seems to be full of surreal mysteries. Though honestly, the first mystery I want to explore is the one where we learn why our lead character looks like they stepped out of a creepypasta…

GRIME- Combat Tips #1: As seen here, it is indeed important to quickly scout the area so that you can properly get the drop on the enemy, allowing you to take them out quickly. Granted, taking them out is easier when you’re basically a living black hole, but you should still always have a strategy. Also, I definitely need to give that demo of this killer metroidvania game a whirl.

Zealot- Combat Tips #2: If you’re unable to get the drop on your enemies, then make sure you’ve mastered your timing so that you’re prepared to engage in combat. After all, even a fallen priest knows that a proper counter means the difference between success and being ripped apart by demons. Plus, in a game like this, you certainly look good when pulling off proper moves.

Keylocker- Combat Tips #3: Finally, be prepared for the possibly that your enemy can counter YOUR moves as well, meaning that you have to be ready to counter the counter in some fashion. It may sound insane to some, but as seen here, this colorful and cool-looking cyberpunk RPG kind of takes place in an insane world itself, so you need to learn how to get used to it.

Mandragora- Well, it does indeed appear like this “soulstroidvania” subgenre isn’t going anywhere soon, so we should probably get used to it. Of course, it helps a ton when a new contender looks as attractive as this, and also suggests that it’s going to have some nice and intense bits of combat as well. But I’m intrigued to see where this bit about the branching storyline goes…hopefully this is the sign of a deep world to play in.

Tadpole Tales- The developer here actually had a second version of this tweet prepared in order to showcase the game in a higher quality, but that meant it would also be shorter. And so I decided to show off the lower-quality one, because this looks like a damn fine shooter with a cute art style and a ton of action, and thus I naturally believed that we should see as much of it as possible in one go. Couldn’t ignore the otter wearing a boot, after all.

Sacre Bleu- A mid-seventeenth-century take on steampunk. Over-the-top, comical takes on musketeer adventures. Rocket jumps. All of this and more definitely has me already on board with this joyous insanity, and I haven’t even gotten around to playing the demo yet. Which I should, just to see the giant puking judge…