Screenshot Saturday Featuring Sea of Stars, Symphonia, More

Hello, folks, welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where…well, to be honest, I am really starting to get burnt out a bit. Not via the games that show up each weekend or the quality of them, but by god, SO MANY people seem to not know what the #screenshotsaturday tag is for anymore, even though a ten-second Google search can tell you that it’s a way for indie developers and more to show of bits of the various games they’re working on. But with many people being driven to boredom by their current conditions and the state of the world, it feels like half my time today was basically spent going through spam posts that abused the tag en masse and had nothing to do with video games at all. Just political crap, hucksters, random musings, and more. This is going to be tough if this keeps up…but nonetheless, we still have some amazing games to feature that turned up, so let’s get to it!

Sea of Stars- Okay, this isn’t exactly a game that needs the promotion anymore, as Sabotage’s throwback turn-based RPG finished its Kickstarter campaign this week and smashed its goal more than ten times over. But dammit, they deserve a hearty congratulations for coming up with what easily looks like a rather epic piece of work that won everyone over thanks to many things, including astounding pixel art and a cast like this that showcases a ton of effort. So bravo!

Symphonia- It almost seems impossible to believe that a hand-drawn platformer as gorgeous as this is set to come out so soon, having snuck in under our radar before now. The unique designs and musical imagery help create a rather striking world, and the snippets of gameplay shown so far look quite fun. So needless to say, here’s hoping the best of luck to the French students behind this game!

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy- Not much to say here, arguably. It’s just another one of those little great looks behind the scenes. And if you ever needed an example of how lighting can play a vital role when it comes to a video game, here’s a prime example, showing how the same area can stand out in different ways. Can’t wait for more of this roguelike!

The Spider Cometh- A strategy/survival game about journeying through space as the everyman and trying to find yourself, this title seems to have some impressive gameplay with a bit of a light-hearted approach to the genre, creating something appealing on several levels. It also appears to have several, several spiders, unsurprisingly. So I would likely bring along spider repellent for my space journey. And maybe a stress ball and a canteen.

The Unliving- Now admittedly, these aren’t exactly World War Z-level walls getting in the way of our necromancer and their zombie horde. But walls do indeed get in the way of smiting corrupted villagers, so down they go, thanks to a few archers resurrected on your side. And damn, does it indeed look like one fun battle overall.

Alchemic Cutie- I don’t fully understand how collecting jelly creatures and alchemy go hand in hand just yet, but when the combination of the two results in an RPG as whimsical and beautiful as this, with a colorful and intriguing island to explore, I really can’t complain. And this is one impressive view indeed…

Skate Story- As half of the title suggests, this is an action game that features a ton of skateboarding, which looks rather impressive. But the other half of the title means there’s a bigger story on display as well, something that this ominous figure hints at…But it certainly looks like both halves will combine to create one amazing experience, one way or another.

Dreamscaper- This may be an action RPG about lucid dreaming, but that doesn’t mean nightmares are unavoidable. Or broken bones, for that matter. Of course, we also get some more hints at impressive combat and enemy designs, but yeah, consider this clip to be a cautionary tale, and watch out for bruisers.

Before We Leave- If you’re going to be building cities around the entire universe, you’re going to want to make them the most impressive-looking cities possible. And with equal parts natural beauty and proper architecture and planning, you can certainly achieve that goal, as seen with the simple snow-kissed hex grid here. Truly some gorgeous stuff.

Mayhem in Single Valley- Well, true, I could click on the link, and should, in order to check out the game…but it may be simpler just to make sure that there are no witnesses…*readies sniper rifle*

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