Screenshot Saturday Featuring Some Distant Memory, GTFO, Many More

Well, it’s time for yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we highlight the most interesting games that pop up each week that are using the #screenshotsaturday tag to showcase their development! Honestly, though, I almost decided to skip this week’s edition. As PAX West is in full swing, everyone seems to have been too busy, and as such, the pickings were a pit slim this Saturday. But luckily, we were still able to find some choice stuff, so the show continues! And thus, without further ado…

Some Distant Memory- Indeed, I fully believe it when they say a ton of work went into this one room. There are a few post-apocalyptice games (adventure or otherwise) out there that revolve around learning about what happened to a now-dead civilization, so it’s quite important to stand out from the pack. And in just one shot showing us some nicely detailed ruins with a gorgeous style, the developers manage to accomplish this task.

GTFO- The name may still seem awkward, and co-op horror can be a bit of a tricky sell, but it still looks like this can still be quite the damn fun FPS game. And hey, this one shot right here is quite creepy on its own, so they’re certainly doing something right.

Bloodroots- Well, that certainly is A stylish kill, but having played some of this game before, I don’t think I can say that this is the MOST stylish kill that Mr. Wolf can pull off. Unless they mean the most stylish one that can be performed with a pickaxe, in which case, most stylish kill indeed.

Chrono Sword- As someone who has been playing Control for the past week can tell you, a large amount of detail put into creating destructible environments can make for a ton of catharsis and satisfaction. So seeing all of these environments go to beautifully pixelated pieces does indeed bring a smile to my face.

Cat Lady- And with just a quick seven-second clip of some fast-paced twin-stick action, you can easily see why the feedback at the game’s PAX West booth has been positive. People just can’t resist cute, colorful action and weaponized cats.

Renaine- it does indeed pay to have cuddly, immortal, big-mouthed, flesh-chomping creatures on your side. I mean, that lesson should be obvious, but here we see how it translates into some incredible old-school action for a platformer such as this.

Aquamarine- The depths of Earth’s ocean is already filled with tons of creepy and/or deadly creatures, so one can only fathom what beings would dwell in an alien ocean. And indeed, this is why you want to scan for anything that makes you go “NOPE” during this intriguing underwater adventure.

The Sojourn- Hmmm, tough call, but the green and blue hues of the third vista make it the most appealing in my eyes. Plus, it’s where you can get a glimpse of some of the tools you’ll need to make it through this gorgeous first-person puzzler, meaning it also provides the most proper peek at the game as a whole as well!

Tempt- With games such as Dusk and Amid Evil already having tickled our fancies, is there REALLY any room for another retro RPS game?…Yeah, that was a rhetorical question, there’s always room for one more. Especially if it’s going to have satisfying boss battles such as this one.

Felix the Reaper- Yes, this final entry isn’t even technically a screenshot, GIF, or video, but come on. Look at that cure, dancing charmer of a reaper. Why wouldn’t you want to play any game starring them? And it is indeed a kickass puzzler, so if you’re at PAX West, get over to their booth already.

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