Screenshot Saturday Featuring Spartan Fist, Forgettable Dungeon, Many More

A good Screenshot Saturday has a bit of everything kicking around inside it.  New games, old games, weird games, tech experiments, audio goodies, and more pour in for about 36 or so hours thanks to time zones and stragglers.  It may take a bit of digging but there’s always something to find in the endless progression of entries using the Twitter hashtag, and this feature pulls about a dozen of them from the pile.  That’s maybe 1% of the entire weekly output (25% of the remaining 99% ends up being spam or retweet-bots) and if you’re interested it’s always worth taking a wander by Twitter to see what else is happening.  If you just want a fraction of the highlights, though, they’re waiting below, ready to start moving when you activate them.

Tempest 4000-  The most-likely-final Tempest game from Llamasoft (its third in 24 years) is running a bit behind its original projected holiday-2017 release window, so here’s an update on how things are coming.  Jeff “Yak” Minter is holding the camera, while the other half of Llamasoft, Ivan “Giles” Zorzin shows off the various builds.  While Tempest 4000 is big and obvious on all the screens, the real star of the show is that incredible homemade spinner.

Mothergunship-  FPS run & gun in randomized space ships overrun with mecha-baddies.  Build a gun from parts until you’re throwing just as much bullet-hell back at the enemies as they throw at you, quadruple-jumping through hand-built rooms designed as much around the idea of vertical movement as horizontal.  Except for those times you’re attacked by robo-staple-removers.

Above-  Aerial adventure over a drowned world, flying your open-cockpit plane over the remaining islands like a top-down Porco Rosso.  Start out in a small fishing village and set off into the world, upgrading the plane as you go and trying not to break it too badly along the way.

Unnamed-  There’s little information other than a good handful of animations available for this one but it looks like a Zelda-ish adventure through a sunny complex of buildings, although it gets noticeably gloomier inside.  Hopefully there will be proper information on this soon, because a little puzzle/platform/adventure is always welcome.

Last Man Kicking-  Soccer except in office chairs powered by the recoil of a shotgun.  As explained in the linked page, this isn’t Last Man Sitting but rather a mini-game being released as a combination stand-alone demo and funding initiative to replace a dying laptop.

Forgettable Dungeon-  Randomized voxelized dungeon crawl best played with friends but still quite fun in single-player.  Most of its voxels are of a uniform size but sometimes the extra-large ones have their uses.

Unnamed-  Minimalist fishies!

There Are 200-  Twin-stick arena shooter where each new round has 200 enemies to defeat, but the rules keep changing. You’ll need to figure out how the enemies work before blasting away, because planting a laser in the face of an enemy that turns out to be of the exploding type is best done carefully.

Spinch-  Trippy platformer with more than a touch of 60s psychedelia in its art.  Just in case this pause screen didn’t make that clear enough already.

Blazing Legion: Ignition-  Hop in your giant robot and fight!  Also, come to grips with the person you’ve become, tied up in endless conflict and seeming to live only for the next confrontation.  Then a million missiles pop off, lasers pre-heat a hole in the sky before tearing through, and gun emplacements unleash intricate bullet hell, so maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Spartan Fist-  New fists!  Game development is a process of giant advances and little changes, and frequently something as simple as an art brush-up on a single asset can completely change a game’s initial impression.  While the beveling on the fists is a small thing, with the basic geometry and colors being unchanged, it adds a greater sense of detail to an asset that takes up a fair amount of screen real estate.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  Particle physics make everything better.  They’re just ridiculously satisfying to watch, especially when you can practically hear the splashing.