Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Almost Gone, Cake Bash, More

Well, here we are with another edition of Screenshot Saturday, three weeks in with our “anything goes” rules in play the time being! And I think I’ve discovered a double-edge sword in this current setup. Because while it means that while I have more freedom to feature some more games that deserve it, like games from Steam’s recent virtual EGX Rezzed Digital showcase that was held recently to make up for the cancelled event, it also means that a bunch of other people are cooped up inside with nothing to do but go online and post on Twitter more often…and thus they end up mistakenly (or deliberately) using the #screenshotsaturday tag to share a bunch of stuff – even moreso than usual – that clearly has nothing to do with video games, let alone letting developers share recent updates and peeks into their latest work. Still, we keep going as best as we can in spite of the spam, and thus we have another crop of games for you to check out. Enjoy!

The Almost Gone- While this adventure game certainly isn’t the first one to revolve around someone having to solve their own death, it is one that aims to tackle issues such as loss and mental health, and features an eye-catching visual style where you examine isometric dioramas for clues and puzzles to solve. Fascinating stuff to check out, if only because I want to know how a tree apparently got lodged in a bookcase.

Cake Bash- Well, this is certainly a reassuring statement concerning the development of this game. Though given that this is a multiplayer game where sentient confectioneries have to beat each other up in order to grab toppings and become the most decorated, then there would technically be crunch in the candy-coated toppings, as well as in the blows dealt in order to gain said toppings. It has a ton of charm, color, and fun, but don’t be fooled by the celebration here, things can get brutal.

Boomerang X- To be fair, the truly annoying water levels are the ones that have players constantly being forced to either swim or maneuver in deep pools, typically with a limited amount of air. In a fast-paced action game that likely sees you jumping above the water ninja-style as much as possible, that wouldn’t be an issue. Of course, that would mean missing out on a bit of a meaty challenge shown here…

ITTA- Look, I am REALLY trying to resist the obvious jokes about isolation here, so let’s just keep things simple and focus on the fact that this looks like an amazing boss battle that should provide one hell of a challenge, thanks to a healthy dose of bullet hell. And being able to take someone like this down should hopefully provide anyone with the catharsis factor we need…

Shadows of Doubt- There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this game, from the cool voxel graphics to the alternate history 1980s sci-fi-setting, film noir vibes, stealth-based gameplay, and the story that casts you as detective on the hunt for a serial killer. But having a living, breathing city where every trenchcoat-wearing citizen like this has their own life that plays out even when you’re not around makes for highly ambitious stuff, meaning this is one to look out for.

KeyWe- It’s a co-op game where you play as a pair of kiwi birds that run a postal/communications office, and have to jump around a desk in order to get what they need to send letters, packages, and telegrams, delivered by cassowaries. That description alone should be enough to get you interested, but if you’re still not in love even after seeing it in action, then you’re dead inside.

Trifox- Notably, what we have here is a top-down twin-stick adventure game that also doubles as an ode to classic platform games, and one where you can work with three classes and playstyles. It’s a unique blend, to say the least, and as seen here, the platforming certainly looks solid. But if you have to build a turret in between jumping around a waterfall, one does indeed wonder what kind of threat is on its way…

Raji: An Ancient Epic- This is really only scratching the surface of this game’s storytelling aspects, which utilized Indian mythology to amazing effect in its recent demo. Because even with some great hack-and-slash combat and a touch of platforming, players do need to take a breather now and then, and a little culture lesson is just what we need for that.

Mind Scanners- Sci-fi psychotherapy simulators aren’t exactly something you see often in video games…or anywhere else, arguably. But that just means this intriguing bit of work gets to stand out more. It looks to be gleefully odd, twisted, and has a lot of potential for unique narratives and fresh gameplay, so you have me rooting for it.

Despot’s Game- Well, on one hand, a turn-based roguelike set in a sort of dystopia where you have to guide a group of fragile humans through a massive labyrinth filled with giant robots and other enemies can sound pretty grim, albeit stuff that makes for an amazing game. But on the other hand, it has wacky tube travel, so it can’t be all bad!