Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Bookwalker, A Space for the Unbound

And now for something completely different! Well, not too different from our usual Screenshot Saturday, where we gather of a bunch of promising indie games to feature. But this is an edition that was inspired almost immediately after posting the one last week, when I had noticed that Devolver Digital was getting into the swing of things with this tweet…

…And I am a bit of a sucker for anyone else in the industry who likes to get in on the act of highlighting any impressive indie titles in the works, and Devolver should damn well be congratulated for supporting any of the games that showed up in any way. And there were indeed a ton of good games that showed up in the replies! So, I decided to devote this Screenshot Saturday to some of the most notable games that popped up as a result of Devolver’s experiment! And to be honest, the #screenshotsaturday tag is still being overrun by spam and people who clearly have no idea what the tag is for, so it also made for less stress this week to go with this approach instead, but nonetheless, these are still some stellar titles to highlight. So welcome, and let’s begin!

The Bookwalker- So the developers of The Final Station are back with a new game that has a pretty wicked premise. You play as someone who can actually go into books like The Count of Monte Cristo and visit their settings and individual scenes, with the goal of obtaining fictional items like Excalibur that can be sold in the real world for major coin. One order, though, apparently generates a lot more trouble than expected. We don’t have much else besides the gameplay shown here, but it’s an innovative premise that looks nifty, so expect us to keep it on our radar as much as possible.

Symphonia- This may be an extremely quick teaser, but this clearly isn’t just any simple game at the center of it all. It certainly seem to be quite the gorgeous, music-based platformer, and unsurprisingly, it also appears to have quite the impressive soundtrack. Throw in some nice action, and this could have the potential to become a sleeper hit…

A Space for the Unbound- We do have quite a few slice-of-life adventure games and journeys of self-discovery that also explore relationships in the indie scene, and which eventually involve supernatural powers. Not many set in rural Indonesia during the late ’90s, though. So there’s a unique setup, setting, and a gorgeous art style that makes this worth looking at, but there’s always still room for classic teenage dilemmas and adventure game puzzles.

Infinite Guitars- “…A turn-based rhythm RPG about powering up Mechs with Guitar Solos and fighting in Anime-style Mech Battles!” Yeah, I know I’m literally just repeating the tweet right above me, but…well, damn, what more can I possibly say?? If you are not sold on that pitch combined with the bit of gameplay here, then you have no soul, plain and simple.

Black Book- Okay, so I seem to have noticed quite a few games involving or inspired by Slavic mythology over the past few years…and I won’t complain, as long as they look this awesome! The snippets shown here are impressive enough, but I suggest checking out the Kickstarter campaign and prologue on Steam, which definitely paint a picture of one of next year’s one promising indies.

Schim- Sure, there are several, several games out there that involve the manipulation of light and shadow as a central gameplay mechanic, but holy crap, is this one impressively creative and fluid takes on 3D platformers! Not to mention its eye-catching color schemes and gameplay that looks to reward timing and skill, as seen here. Definitely one to watch.

Ombra- Remember what I just said about several games revolving around shadows? Yeah, again, we get another example of it. And another incredibly intriguing example as well! While we haven’t seen any mention of the game’s overall goal yet, the gameplay centers around erasing shadows and altering objects in the process, solving various puzzles along the way. It really just looks clever and damn fun, so mark another impressive shadow game on the board.

Last Man Sitting- This marks at least the second or third incarnation of this shooter where you propel yourself on a swivel chair through gunfire, hence the joke about the release date. But I say the developer should take all of the time they need, because this game definitely looks like a blast, and you can’t rush greatness such as this.

Tiny Thor- Okay, so it may be too late for anyone else to try and earn that Steam coupon, but hey, you still get an impressive-looking retro platformer with some inspired Breakout-inspired gameplay no matter what! Nice, colorful, and evoking the likes of Yoshi’s Island, this should definitely be one for fans of the classics to keep an eye on.

Seinfeld Adventure- Okay, so we’re a bit late to the party on this one. That may be because I simply saw it as a fan game or fan animation at first, merely glancing at it…and it wasn’t until days after that when I discovered the developer here was not only a veteran of other adventure games, but that they were also being fully serious about this game, having drawn up a pitch and everything. If they can get somehow get the rights, they WILL make this a reality. And you can count me in as being fully behind this insane yet awesome idea now (I mean, I’m more of a Night Court fan myself, but I’ll take this as well).