Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Falconeer, The Big Con, Many More

Hello there, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we showcase a selection of some of the most interesting games crossing our paths, all using the #screenshotsaturday tag to promote themselves and show off how development is progressing in various ways! Of course, with Gamescom next week and PAX West the weekend after, the feed is also filled with many who have changed their name for now to signify their presence at these events, hoping that you’ll be dropping by to check them out. Which you should! But let’s save our deeper coverage of those shows for later, and just dive right into the main event, so enjoy the show!

Knights and Bikes- Okay, typically I try not to feature a game in two straight editions here, but…HOLY CRAP, does this look gorgeous. The way 2D and 3D so perfectly merge in a pop-up book-esque way to emphasize the storybook tale feel that ties into the game, along with all the cool details (also shown in rest of the thread)…freaking gorgeous, and now I really can’t wait for the 27th when this comes out.

The Falconeer- Well, like any good game with dogfighting, you will indeed have to pull off dizzying maneuvers at times in order to survive, so the song does indeed ring true. Sure, your giant falcon buddy may be used to it, but you’d best be prepared for when you hop on them and fly out into this game’s intriguing open world.

Recompile- So this 3D metroidvania game takes place entirely within a computer, so I would indeed be intrigued as to what the ceiling of this world – or any part of it, really – would look like. The Reboot comparisons are an obvious start, but given the game’s striking visuals, I would expect something with more finesse.

The Big Con- Well, Mighty Yell, allow me to welcome you to your first Screenshot Saturday as well! And considering that the pitch behind this game is that it’s an adventure game set in the ’90s with colorful visuals (as seen here) where a junior high girl has to hustle over $90,000 through various ways at a mall in order to save their mom’s video store from gangsters, I expect to see you here quite often from now on with something as creative as that!

The Cycle- Yager is arguably best known for taking us into the darker side of shooters via deconstruction in Spec Ops: The Line, but can they do more relatively light-hearted competitive quest shooters as well (not counting the multiplayer mode in The Line that the publisher forced them to do)? Well, things look promising so far, and even the robot mutilation here has a nice, light touch with a bit of graffiti.

Cat Lady- Much like The Binding of Isaac, this twin-stick action game requires you to score the important power-ups needed to succeed with each run. But of course, now more of the items are geared towards what your cat buddies would want. But really, the cats would be suckers not to go with the donut that causes bigger explosions. That’ll make for some fun battles…

Zealot- No one said saving souls would ever be an easy task. Especially when saving souls involves bludgeoning enemies to death. But while it be may be hard, brutal work, it sure does look like it makes for impressive combat, so sign us up for the soul-saving business as well.

Sea Salt- Color coordination isn’t necessarily required when controlling a large group of occult creatures all at once, but it also doesn’t hurt as well. After all, there’s something just gleefully ironic and fun in being a Lovecraftian horror that attacks enemies with the colors of Christmas.

Minute of Islands- A small tinkerer in a large fantasy world filled with giants needs to be adept at getting to high places, even if it’s just to get a good vantage point. But so far the hand-drawn artwork and world for this game look amazing, so you can see why getting a good view of it all would be important.

Slice Back- A side-scrolling action game with gorgeous pixel art where you slice aliens up into sushi in order to feed them to your talking hamster? Hell yes, sign me up for something like that! And definitely glad to see hard work going into the animation as well.