Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Unliving, Bake ‘n Switch, More

…And we’re back! Yes, after taking a two-week hiatus for the holiday season, Screenshot Saturday returns, ready for the new year! I mean, a headache and some spotty internet issues tended to act as personal obstacles, but we’re ready nonetheless when it comes to enthusiastically featuring indie games shown off via the #screenshotsaturday tag by various developers! And while notable new game announcements are still taking their time to flow in, we do still have some impressive stuff gathered for the start of this new year, so let’s get right to it!

The Unliving- And what better way to kick off the first Screenshot Saturday of 2020 than with something from two weeks ago, in 2019? Hey, I can’t help it if one of the most impressive-looking upcoming roguelikes decided to join in on one of my days off, and I’m definitely not ignoring it. Especially if your adventures as a necromancer that leads armies of the undead can eventually lead to this much glorious mayhem, depicted in some incredibly stunning pixel art to boot!

Bake ‘n Switch- So do you remember the types of old commercials for food like Chicken McNuggets where the McNuggets are cute, smiling creatures basically begging you to eat them? Well, imagine if someone made an entire couch co-op/PVP game behind a concept like that. Actually, no need to imagine it, because here it is, where you have to chuck adorable dough creatures into an oven in order to appease the Guardians of Dough. But seriously, it does looks quite adorable and fun, even in this short clip, so here’s hoping for the best.

GRIME- Whenever GRIME pops up here, it typically ends up showcasing how deep and detailed its combat is shaping up to be, and this weekend is no exception. Sure, leading or forcing your opponents into traps can be considered a bit of a basic maneuver for some, but damned if they still don’t make it look impressive thanks to how smooth it feels.

There Is No Light- If Blasphemous and Dark Devotion from last year were any indication, there’s definitely a market for retro-looking action/adventure games that utilize twisted religious aspects for themes and aesthetics. So here’s a post-apocalyptic roguelike where the apocalypse in question is more Biblical in nature and the survivors now live in a purgatory with some rather…bizarre sights. Bizarre, yet definitely impressive, much a lot of the game so far.

Resolutiion- Well, you are apparently playing as an old killer here, so I guess old habits die hard. But you’re also escorting an AI around, so I’d personally be careful, lest it decide to kickstart a robot apocalypse in the end as punishment for your actions or something similar. Either way, though, glad to see this much detail being poured into this promising action game.

The Pedestrian- This 2D puzzler based around various safety signs is coming out at the end of this month, yet the developers still had the time to add one more quick feature that allows you to look around even more. The game appears to be quite unique and fun even without it, but it’s still a nice touch that allows you to see more of the game’s world, so bravo.

Rubi: The Wayward Mira- We’ll have more on this impressive-looking 2D game when its Kickstarter campaign launches next week on the 7th, but for now, let’s get used to a few of the basic enemies that you’ll be fighting. Because it may not be as action-packed as some of the other screenshots or clips for this game, but it says a lot that hard work is clearly being poured into even the smallest of foes.

Extinction Protocol- Hey, not every Screenshot Saturday post has to focus on an absolute success, after all. I mean, this is still a highly intriguing tower defense game that should hopefully be a success in the end, but it still requires loads of testing that can sometimes have rather humorous results. But as long as it leads to great controls, we can still enjoy a chuckle at this.

Spellsword Cards: DungeonTop- So the success of Slay the Spire seems to have opened the door for even more deck-building games to take their shot at the throne, and here we have one that wants to add elements of tabletop games into the mix. This should hopefully make for an interesting dungeon crawler, and we’ll see if that’s the case when this enters Early Access on the 15th.

the machine that BREATHES- Well, when you awaken in a ruined city in the future as an AI in a cyborg body that’s completely foreign to you, why not use a quick tour to get used to all of the changes? Mind you, this is a survival horror game, so you may not have time to enjoy the sights with enemies lurking around, but they’re sights in a world that looks quite impressive, even with the rubble.