Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, Vulpine, Many Others

Screenshot Saturday doesn’t slow down for holiday weekends, although it helps that it’s a worldwide event and this particular holiday is US-specific.  Each week the Twitter hashtag is used to show off as many new games as there are developers willing to use it, which generally numbers about a couple hundred.  This feature pulls out a dozen or more images based mostly on how visually interesting an entry is, although sometimes arbitrary factors poke up and earn a game a spot just for the fun of it, because what’s the point of rules if you can’t ignore them when necessary?  Check out the images below for a nice cross-section of the week, and don’t forget that a good number of the entries have demos available.  Looking at a picture or watching an animation is nice, but games want to be played.

Neera: Dark Secrets- Fast-paced action RPG that’s very early in development but already sporting some nice pixel art.

Sacrifices- Be a god and manage a village, but sometimes it’s the little details that bring a scene to life. In this case the villager getting the piece of wood stuck on the end of his axe before tapping on through is just about a perfect little animation of the process.

X-Morph: Defense- Combination free-roaming top-down shooter and tower defense, where you need to defend your harvesters from the pesky humans trying to save their planet. If the tanks aren’t smart enough to drive around a mini-black hole they probably deserve to be turned into a swirling tornado of debris.

Remnants of Naezith- Swing forward ever faster through branching levels while fused to the soul of a thunder dragon. Tear through the levels with green lightning in the left hand, blue in the right, and any number of spiky deathtraps that simply aren’t impressed with electric grappling powers waiting to end the mad dash to the exit.

Howard Phillips Lovecar- Cthulhian beasties are unsettling terrors of the mind when lurking in the dark and wild backwoods of New England, but in an open arena against a heavily-armed car they’re maybe not quite so tough. Although the cosmic-scale terrors might be a little tricky to fit on screen.

Baron Galaxy- Run & gun with cute pixel-art heroes and alien monsters. He just looks so happy electro-frying the enemy.  Demo over at Gamejolt.

Witchinour- A witch has lost her spellbook and needs to clear out a dungeon in order to get it back, but the longer it takes the more alert and dangerous the monsters get. Lo-fi bullet hell cute-’em-up.

A Robot Named Fight- 16-bit styled roguelike Metroidvania with some truly epic art on its intro. I prefer to think of them as “tentacles” rather than “reproductive organs”.

Ancient Cities- City builder with a particularly fwooshy camera for when you need to cover ground fast. The name isn’t kidding around, and the cities you build start in the Neolithic era, when people were just getting past using chipped rocks as tools. With careful cultivation of your town and its people they might even live to the Bronze Age and get civilization properly off the ground.

The Void Rains Upon her Heart- Boss rush horizontal shooter that isn’t shy about pumping out the bullet patterns. Defeated bosses drop random powerups that stack together, adding a touch of roguelike progression to each run. Demo available at the ever-helpful

Let Them Come- Sit at the head of a corridor with a gun and mow down all comers. This particular shot is what happens when you kill a critter so dead it vomits out its own jaws.

Vulpine- A fox with a sword takes on an electric pangolin. You can also play as a bunny with a katana, a bear with spear, or a basselope in an open-world survival game.

OCMO- Swing around the levels as an octopus-like tentacle critter, using your stretchy arms to build up momentum to fling yourself around. Meet other denizens of the undreground and… um… Ew. It doesn’t look like they’re going to be friends.

VIVO-  Fly around shooting up the enemies swarming the outside of the spherical arena to the beat of the music, using the rhythm to power up the charge shot and activate secondary abilities.  It looks very Super Stardust from the outside but fuses the beat of its action to the music.  The link in the tweet takes you straight to VIVO’s page to check out the latest version.

Bonus Image-

Quiet as a Stone- And here we find the final resting place of Babe the Blue Ox. RIP, giant cow; you’re far more awesome in death than you ever were as a weird American legend.