Screenshot Saturday Featuring Treachery in Beatdown City, Driftlands, Many More

Each week developers show off what they’ve been up to, grouping images of their progress together under the Screenshot Saturday hashtag on Twitter.  Whether it’s a single-person project or a title from a larger indie studio, or even the occasional mainstream release, everything goes together in a huge string of content. This feature pulls a dozen images plus a bonus from the pile as a small cross-section of the hundreds that are posted each week, trimming it down to a more manageable size but leaving far too many deserving candidates behind, because there’s far more to see than time or space to showcase it.  Most images move, because living in the future is pretty amazing, so make sure to give them a push to see everything they’ve got to show.

Waker-  Dodge, target, fire.  you’re the little diamond at the bottom of the screen targeting the bigger thing in the middle that fires crazed bullet patterns.  The colored border around the enemy gets smaller as you stay underneath it, and when it closes in all the way you can let loose a homing laser that gives you a bit of breathing room until the next pattern kicks in.  This is actually two screenshots in one showing off ways in which the boss generation pattern didn’t quite work out, rather than actual patterns that will make it into the game.

Pachacuti-  Meticulously-animated action-platformer with a character who can switch between combat and platforming personas.  There’s probably a physics formula governing the force generated on a speeding object necessary to change its trajectory and the resulting effect on one who uses this object as a launching platform, but I’m willing to bet it’s not being slavishly adhered to.

Racing Apex-  Low-poly high-color arcade racing action.  Pick a driver and a suitable car from their garage and hit the track in either pure racing or car combat, depending on personal preference.  Drive like mad and try not to let the car explode and it should all work out fine under the blue skies of courses around the world.

Treachery in Beatdown City-  Turn-based brawler, where fighting moves are chosen from a menu like a classic RPG.  The president has been kidnapped and it looks like she’s more than a bad enough dude to rescue him.

Worbital-  Planets at war launch artillery strikes at each other until one is so full of holes and tunnels that it explodes in a blast of shrapnel that’s capable of doing just as much damage to the solar system as the initial barrage of missiles did to a single planet.

Unnamed-  No game that I’m aware of to attach to this poor, battered Car Flambé, but still a good look at how the equivalent of a low-polygon sheet of paper is turned into fire by way of fancy shader effects.

Hounds of Valor-  Action-RPG where you’re a dog running through the fields and forests, hacking down the monsters with your trusty sword.  This one is still very early but the dog design is a lot of fun in both its somewhat cartoony style and animation.

Terra Feminarum-  Japanese-style danmaku curtain shooter being made in Finland, because it’s a big world and artificial borders just get in the way.  I’m hoping this is Hard mode because, while it’s clear that the yellow dot on the player is the hit box, that’s still a whole lot of bullets to avoid.

Hardland-  Open-world action RPG where the pending death of the king is causing turmoil in the land and you set off on a quest to… do whatever you want, actually.  Go walkabout, explore, poke at side-quests, or see if you can save the king.  The world is randomly generate with pre-built towns and major landmarks, striking a balance between unstructured play and hand-crafted challenge.

Driftland-  A world broken by a war between mages is only held together by a powerful spell, but that was a long time ago and it’s starting to fall apart.  Now new sources of magic have been found so, to keep the world together, you’ll need to conquer it by managing the units under your indirect command.  Construct buildings and assign units to them then set goals for them to chase after, such as taming a nest to create flying mounted units.

Copy Kitty-  Boki is a catgirl who doesn’t have a unique power of her own but instead can copy the skills of her enemies, combining up to three abilities at once.  While she’s not particularly confident that this is all that great a power, as it turns out she can lay down incredible devastation once she start figuring out her potential.  This doesn’t make her life easy but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

1000 Button Project and The Midnight Show-  The 1000 Button Project is a game designed specifically to use as many buttons as possible crammed onto a single controller, with the current controller topping off at 100 but bigger ones in development.  The Midnight Show is a mobile game designed for touchscreen, so the fewer buttons used the better.  The two followed each other almost directly this week and were perfect counterpoints, highlighting the diversity in control schemes and how what’s a complete blast on one game is completely unsuitable for another.

Bonus Image

Billie and Oscar-  It’s cold and snowy outside in the real world tonight, which is just about perfect for this time of year.  Curling up warm and relaxing into the evening is the best possible plan.