Screenshot Saturday Featuring Tunche, Chrono Sword, Many More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where some of the promising games in the works are showcased a simple #screenshotsaturday tag! And as usual, we’ve gathered up a bunch of the day’s most notable entries and compiled them in one convenient place for everyone to check out! And with GDC and PAX East just over a month away and developers beginning to make plans for both, you can still expect further spikes in activity here. So without further ado, let’s get on with the show…

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son- It may be odd to feature a game based on a major motion picture here that was just announced, but considering the developer, the holiday, and the general oddness and uniqueness of this surprise game, it seems like a natural fit here for Screenshot Saturday. Plus it’s nice to just have a few more still images showing off the game’s vibrant and offbeat style. But will we be able to declare ourselves a god and show off our powers at this diner as well? Here’s hoping!

Tunche- Seeing as how this is a brawler inspired by Peruvian legends and Amazon folklore, my first thought (showcasing a bit of naivety on my end) was “Wait, does the Peruvian Amazon actually have dolphins?” One quick Google search later, and yes indeed, this would actually be a pink river dolphin exclusive to the area! So not only is this an incredibly gorgeous, hand-drawn beat-’em-up with some incredible action, but it’s also at least partially educational as well! Needless to say, impressive work like this deserve more recognition, so we suggest that you check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign and consider donating!

Chrono Sword- Believe it or not, we actually have two games this week that involve the manipulation of time as a central mechanic! Here, though, it means traveling between two time periods in a fallen realm as part of an isometric action game, where proper skill and dexterity are the key to some rather devastating attacks, as seen here. Add some excellent pixel art and you could have a potential classic in the works.

Perspectico- There’s always room for another good narrative-based puzzler around these parts, and the ability to mess around with perspective in order to create paths around obstacles seems highly interesting, as seen in the example here. The dystopian setting plus amnesiac hero may not be as unique, but the visuals and setting look intriguing, so it still looks to provide a solid backdrop for a satisfying puzzle game such as this, and may have some unique twists, so keep this one on your radar.

Void Bastards- When you’re a ragtag group of misfits and convicts who have to loot other spaceships to survive, sometimes you may want to stack the odds in your favor. So a device that lets you swap out terrifying monsters for adorable blobs and the like could come in handy. Of course, those monsters you replaced likely have to still go somewhere, so when you’re in FPS mode heading through various corridors later on, don’t be shocked if a rather nasty surprise shows up…

Adore- It’s a bit tricky to find details on this particular game, though we can at least figure out that it’s a top-down action game of some kind. A further look at the developer’s Twitter page suggests that there’s a heavy emphasis on various creatures in this game that you either fight head-on or have fight alongside you, so best to make those beasts look as impressive as possible. And as seen here, they’re doing a great job so far!

ITTA- This may be an action game with an emphasis on huge bullet hell segments and boss battles, but it’s also one with an emphasis on its narrative, and that means wisely throwing in some slower bits in order to help take in the game’s world and its possible lore even further. Hence the calming shot here right next to a pair of mysterious statues, no doubt occurring right after a bountiful barrage of bullets.

Shakedown Hawaii- The Retro City Rampage follow-up is still in the works, where player will once again be able to go on a Grand Theft Auto-style smackdown in retro form, this time with a 16-bit feel. The crimes you can commit this time around are even more plentiful, though as seen here, sometimes you can use your vandalism technique for the forces of good as well.

Magic Mallet- From what I could gather, this here is actually the developer’s passion project, although a lot of what they’ve done before this has mainly been mock-ups so far. It’s unknown if this is also another mock-up, but if the finished platformer even looks half as good as this one screenshot of a shop, with a ton of detail and heart poured into everything, then we’ve got something to look out for.

Amid Evil- Oh please, I’ve seen several insane bosses in FPS games before, your medieval shooter likely won’t have what it takes to HOLY CRAP NOPE NOPE that thing will end up devouring me alive after one blast. So yes, quite the imposing figure indeed, and as mentioned, you’ll be able to face this beast soon in the latest episode for the game, currently available in Early Access.

Darq- It took thirty hours to craft a quick scene for this atmospheric psychological horror platformer where it appears that we have a mine collapse while people with lampshades on their heads flail around in the background. And honestly, it looks like it was worth it. We can’t wait to see what other surreal sights could possibly follow later on in the game…

The Blind Prophet- Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this point-and-click adventure game about an apostle attempting to protect Earth is doing everything in its power to capture the feel of a mature comic book. And here, you can see part of the process that goes into creating one of the “panels” for the game as an example of the hard work going into this. Impressive stuff, to say the least.

Astroneer- Honestly, the second post is infinitely better than than the initial post of that suit.