Screenshot Saturday Featuring Undying, Exo One, More

Hello, and welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Well, even with the various difficulties surrounding us, certain things about this time of the year haven’t changed when it comes to this feature. For one, we’re still seeing what feels like even more developers and games than usual using the #screenshotsaturday tag to promote their upcoming work, both as a result of the aftermath from the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition and the still-ongoing Not-E3/Summer Game Festival extravaganza. And second, while this period gives us a lot of games to work with, it also becomes really friggin’ hot and makes finding the energy to write about said games difficult. So let’s just get on with the show while I go and collapse somewhere! Yay!

Undying- When you have to teach your son survival tactics before you eventually turn after a zombie bite, that means having to pass on some essential knowledge. Like in this case where he learns how to walk down the street while being adjusted to the gore around him. It’s a twisted and haunting bit of knowledge, but one that helps make for an effective and intriguing game such as this.

Steel Assault- While you may expect a more action-based platformer like this to go all-out with any crazed long distance or grappling hook-based attacks, sometimes the simplest solution works the best. Especially if it saves energy needed for a massive boss encounter that looks like a visual treat, along with the rest of the game.

Going Under- Oddly, the demo for this colorful roguelike doesn’t actually appear to be active at the moment, but should it pop up again, consider this a little snippet a reason why you should check out the demo (and the full game, of course) ASAP. Clearing out an entire office room filled with goblin temps in a vivid tech dystopia just never felt so damn fun.

Schim- For a game about jumping between shadows, water levels may be a bit tricky to navigate, but they definitely appear to be extremely rewarding. The way the shadows beneath the water drastically change their position depending on the angle allows for a ton of great puzzle opportunities, and should hopefully be a blast to play through.

Grime- Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing The Last of Us Part II, it’s that having to fight monsters in extremely dark areas can be rather annoying at times. But damned if this metroidvania game doesn’t make it look challenging yet fun, thanks to some impressive combat skills to try out on some nicely strange enemies. Sure beats having just a flashlight to work with…

Gamedec- Just another one of those little comparison pieces that really shows how a ton of hard work pays off. In this case, it means being able to more perfectly craft an impressive looking office setting for your cyberpunk RPG. So no doubt the rest of the game will hopefully play just as good as it looks right now.

Exo One- Okay, I know one would expect Screenshot Saturday to be more of a visual medium, but holy crap, that is indeed some impressive sound. It definitely makes this alien craft’s journey even more amazing, highlighting the sheer speed you’ll be traveling at, and turns what may seem like something more simple at first glance into a potential masterpiece.

Rogue Souls- So would the addition of three additional players make a tough-as-nails roguelike action game any easier? I can’t say at this moment, but these shots certainly show that it’ll likely make the game even more fun than usual. Plus, that is one impressive-looking ice level as well, with damn good pixel art.

Just Adapted- Several games over the years have been based around having us take care of groups of massively cute critters, from Lemmings to Pikmin. And now joining them is this batch of bioluminescent critters who live in a cave system…alongside some creepy eyeball creatures, it appears, but it still looks like they’re all in a cool survival game with a lot of potential.

Corpse Mansion- Open with one zombie survival game, close with another. Though in this case, the presentation is calling back to a different era. Definitely some amazing pixel art that looks nicely creepy and a little cute, which should make for one impressive setting to massacre the undead in.