Screenshot Saturday Featuring Up North, Koboo the Tree Spirit, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Once again, various developers and more have taken to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag, showcasing little snippets of their upcoming games and other bits of work. And likewise, we’ve gathered up another collection of promising games that popped up this weekend during all of this. It was a bit of a lull this week, as we’re in the eye of the storm right between Gamescom 2020 and PAX Online, but there was still definitely some stuff worth checking out! So without further ado…

Up North- Billing itself as an “MRPG” – Midwestern RPG – this journey of a woman running away from their hometown, joining a mysterious Renaissance Faire, and discovering an entire fantasy plane located within their own soul also says it’s the first fantasy game to be set in Michigan. And after a brief search, that may actually be true (tons of sci-fi and sports games unsurprisingly set in Detroit, though)! As unique as that is, though, this war council depicted in stunning pixel art does suggest Sarah’s head may contain the more interesting bits…

Steel Assault- Long way or not, an enemy that gets printed into existence like this feels like something that wouldn’t be out of place in the likes of a Mega Man game. Considering that this is one extended ode to ’90s action platformers, though, that actually seems incredibly appropriate! And regardless of how they come into existence, this also does seem like one wicked boss battle.

Endling- Having played the demo for this gorgeous environmental adventure last weekend as part of Indie Arena Booth Online (which, as of the time of writing, is still available on Steam), I can indeed confirm that crouching is  a key to success when it comes to dealing with other wildlife like this. That, or just try not to bother with owls in the first place, because those guys are massive jerks, to say the least.

Keylocker- Well, it admittedly is kind of a bummer when you hike all the way through the desert for some help in rebelling against the authorities in a cyberpunk dystopia, only to be met with a Mr. T quote. But hey, at least you end up getting treated to a few more amazing animations and scenery along the way.

Koboo the Tree Spirit- Not much is known about this game at the moment, aside from its description as a roguelike action platformer where you play as a tree spirit named Boo who protects the forest from the likes of hunters, befriending animals and plants along the way. Oh, and he swings a rather massive axe, complete with more fluid and impressive animation. Can’t wait to see more, though!

All Hail the Cook-o-tron- Set in a futuristic society, this intriguing physics-based VR game tasks you with creating dishes for various customers as part of a competition judged by a robot food critic. Unfortunately, it seems like the appliances are a bit of a judge as well, rejecting your apparent idea for a Rocky Balboa special.

Sizeable- A simple yet fun-looking puzzle game about exploring various dioramas, shrinking and growing objects within them in order to find various hidden objects. For example, here you can shrink a crypt lid in order to see what lies beneath it…or you could possibly just lift the lid, but where’s the fun in that when you have shrinking powers at your command?

Ring of Pain- Another classic before-and-after example that shows just how much progress a game goes through as the years go by since the initial prototype. One might think that a roguelike dungeon crawler centered around cards doesn’t need to be too flashy, but here we see just how more spectacular it looks after tons of care and hard work have been put into it.

Retro Machina- I would question why you would want to destroy any remnants of humanity instead of finding any way to archive them…but then I found out that this impressive isometric action game’s premise is about a robot that was already thrown out of this retro-futuristic society for malfunctioning, and finally finding their way back in only to find all the humans are gone. So yeah, I’d want to get a little posthumous revenge on the city as well after being chucked out.

Untitled SuperScarySnakes Game- According to the replies to this tweet, this game has “the world’s best name,” and all of the growth on the insanely gorgeous tree here is procedural. Throw in another stunning synth soundtrack, and it looks like Don is on his way to another hit, even at this early point in development.