Screenshot Saturday Featuring Wolfstride, Lucifer Within Us, More

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! And if you’re wondering what exactly happened last week that caused another edition to be postponed, that’s because as it turns out, attempting to write an entire feature like this on the same day where you try and cover the Guerrilla Collective, the PC Gaming Show, and the Future Games Show one after the other, all while still coming off a PS5 high, tends to leave you…rather beat, to say the least.

So yeah, originally, the plan was just to delay things for a bit. Partially because of not having the time and energy needed for a new Screenshot Saturday edition that day, but also because I realized that with two more days left back then for the Guerrilla Collective alone, I had the idea to wait and see if any notable games surfaced from it, then write an edition about the games from this current “Not-E3” shebang as a whole. But then I was reminded that Not-E3 is still going on well through July, so I should wait for that to finish and…well, let’s just say we have some potential plans in the works for something a little bigger.

But as for now? Well, as I realized that we still had a ton of games from all of these recent events and showcases that we hadn’t gotten around to covering due to issues such as time constraints, this week will be devoted entirely to games that were seen in these recent events, meaning hopefully we can remedy these errors a bit and show these games some more love. Enjoy!

Wolfstride- If there’s any game from the past week or so that I truly regret not having the energy to fully cover, it would definitely be this game. Turn-based giant mech combat where you play as a bunch of misfits that includes an ex-Yakuza, with simulation and relationship mechanics, all topped off with stylish black-and-white six of anime-inspired artwork and sprites? Yes, please! The trailer here merely sets the stage, so make sure to check out the Steam page as well.

Lucifer Within Us- Titles like Ghost Trick or Unheard have managed to put some unique spins on detective work when it comes to gameplay, but we may be seeing a new bar here for uniqueness: A game where you’re a digital exorcist solving murder by looking into different timeline, all while attempting to abolish demonic AI. Certainly an interesting setup, and it looks like it’ll make for some clever mysteries to solve.

Edo No Yami- Well, after putting out the impressive HyperParasite earlier this, Troglobytes are jumping right back into things with one impressive-looking cyberpunk samurai hack-and-slash platformer. It seems fast, intense, stylish, and most important of all, it appears we get to befriend a giant robot dog over the course of the game. Hell yes.

Danger Scavenger- Can you really make a cyberpunk roguelike action game seem amazing simply by having all of the battles take place on the rooftops of massive skyscrapers? Well, going by these shot and everything else we’ve seen from the game, the answer is apparently a hard “yes.” Of course, fun-looking run-and-gun action and some eye-catching visuals and music certainly help as well, so here’s hoping for the best next week.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine- We’ve seen many twin-stick shooters cross our paths here at Hardcore Gamer, but this is definitely something new: A game designed to look like a full-on arcade title as if it were invented in the turn of the century. Everything from the puppet figures to the tracks they move on and the period settings looks amazing, but as seen here, the same classic action still remains.

Foreclosed- Okay, I admit that I didn’t intend to have so many cyberpunk games here this time around, but what can I say? A ton of impressive games popped up that just happen to have some sort of cyberpunk setting. And for this one, we move into some largely third-person action with a style and presentation meant to evoke an interactive graphic novel about a man whose identity has actually been foreclosed, forcing them to leave the city. It certainly looks impressive, so keep it on your radar if you can.

Of Bird and Cage- This is definitely one of those cases where the screenshot definitely doesn’t do the game justice, seeing as how the game in question is described as a two-hour interactive symphonic metal album. So think Sayonara Wild Hearts, except metal instead of pop, first-person adventure instead of arcade-esque rhythm game, and a more twisted story of love that involves escaping from a kidnapping. No really, not much like Sayonara Wild Hearts, but arguably just as intriguing.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods- If killing gods sounds a bit extreme, then maybe it’ll make you feel better to know that these are false gods that you’ll be killing in this action-RPG game. One way or another (and solo or online), you’ll have to use whatever power you have to rip them to shreds, such as a massive meteor storm seen here. Looks like some nice fantasy action so far that’s over the top in the right ways.

Operation: Tango- A Way Out previously proved that new spins can be put on co-op adventures, and now Clever Plays are going to take it in a new direction as well. One player is an agent, one player is a hacker, and while each has different viewpoints, they can work together to pull off some incredible capers. It certainly looks like an interesting experiment, and we can’t wait to see more of it in action.

TOEM- Nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip to serve as the setup for a fun gaming adventure. Granted, it’s a road trip filled with several surreal and cute characters to take photos of, and the end goal is to traverse across Scandinavian landscapes it order to find a magicial phenomenon, but it’s an old-fashioned road trip (and an incredibly charming game) nonetheless.