Screenshot Saturday Featuring Wraithbinder, Cranked Up, Many More

Ah, another weekend, another edition of Screenshot Saturday! A day full of fresh opportunities, of yet even more chances for developers to let the world know about the latest developments concerning their games, a chance to show off their glory and to bask in it, to see creativity blossom and see just what the gaming world can truly do when they apply their imagination! So, let me just go over the #screenshotsaturday tag and see the latest splendor of this week’s latest offerings…

*Immediately sees about a dozen or so memes regarding the Area 51 “raid”*

…Okay, the internet was a mistake. Forget this, I’m going to bed. But I was still able to find some terrific stuff regardless, so enjoy this latest showcase!

Wraithbinder- Well, the procedurally generated Zelda-inspired adventure that is Songbringer seems to have been a decent hit among gamers, so sure, why not give it a spin-off? And one that’s working with multiple dimensions this time around as well to boot? It looks like some impressive hack-and-slash gameplay so far, so we can’t wait to see how things progress for this new entry!

Cranked Up- If you’re wondering what the story behind this screenshot is, allow me to quote the game’s Steam page: “Cranked Up is a challenging and crazy platform game where animal donuts equipped with rockets try to save Mr. Mug, their favorite cup of coffee!” …Oh, and an evil pineapple pizza is involved. But frankly, all I needed to hear was “donuts equipped with rockets” to start throwing money at the screen. The fact that it looks like a unique, fun, and colorful game beyond that is all gravy.

Exit Limbo- Well, of course everything is falling apart. After all, have you ever known of a beat-’em-up that takes place in a completely normal city where everything is stable? And playing as a rampaging rhino probably won’t help keep things standing up. But it will likely be damn fun and it’ll look awesome, so let the chaos commence.

Foregone- Given the massive success of Dead Cells, it was only a matter of time before we saw more games that were either inspired by it or drew comparison to it. But hey, as long as the new kid on the block is just as fun, there’s no complaints to be had. And sure enough, this is one good-looking action-platformer with some potentially impressive combat.

Figment: Creed Valley- Described as a new chapter to Bedtime Digital’s 2017 adventure game, this latest entry features even more surreal visuals and a new mechanic where our heroes have to switch their world of The Mind between open and closed-minded states. So it seems quite appropriate that we get a boss that’s both visually impressive and fits the theme of duality. And it looks like it’ll be a fun battle to boot.

Dysmantle- …So is it a trap, or an Object of Power? Just one of the tough (though arguably unintentional) calls you’ll have to make in a unique survival game like this.

The Big Con- Hmmm, impressive, and the copious amounts of neon are a good start, but to get that TRUE ’90s toy store feel, I’d say you’d also have to lean heavily into the Nickelodeon stuff. We’re talking Gak, Floam, Flash Screens, and more. And while not Nickelodeon, maybe throw in a Talkboy as well, perfect for a kid performing hustles. But even without all that, it still looks like a fun adventure game.

Fallen Angel- So we’ve fought our way through several twisted versions of Hell before, but rarely do we ever get to fight through a version of Heaven that’s currently a nightmare. All while playing as Lucifer themselves to boot. So it’s a unique angle that also allows you you to wail on a few angels with moves that would make Dante proud, as seen here.

Tomb Toad- How do I feel about difficult games and hard bosses, you ask? They’re great as long as they’re tough but fair. Of course, in this case it helps to know how to defeat the boss. If you just have to avoid them while tilting things around in order to move and collect coins, then despite the fate seen here, yep, it still looks fun to me!

Xeno Crisis- I do get a bit sad whenever I only first notice a trailer while doing research for these features, meaning it’s likely too late to write a full news article about it. But that doesn’t make this any less of an impressive showcase for this game, which seems like a perfect blend of Smash TV and Alien Storm. Can’t wait.

Pawarumi- Now, typically, I tend to reserve Screenshot Saturday for upcoming games, those that could use the exposure. But sometimes we slip up and let other impressive indie games fall through the cracks, so despite being already released a couple of months ago, this impressive “Neo-Aztec” shoot-’em-up also deserves exposure as well. It just looks like an incredibly fun, challenging blast. Besides, you can’t say no to any game that features weapons with names like that.

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