Screenshot Saturday Featuring Xydonia, Disco Elysium, Many More

Every weekend, Screenshot Saturday occurs, allowing talented game creators to show off their work in a quick and unique fashion. And every weekend, we head to Twitter to showcase some of the most interesting games and participants. It’s always a delight to go through what everyone has to offer, even if the current season means having to put up with one too many user names that now bear Halloween-related puns. But hopefully you’ll find that the results were worth it! It is one of those weeks where pixel art dominates everything, but what can we say, the retro enthusiasts brought their a-game this time around. Anyhow, on with the show!

Rival Megagun- Leading things off is another instance where we get a full video as opposed to a single screenshot, but a game with a concept as clever and awesome as this does indeed deserve a lengthier showcase. After all, a 2D shoot-’em-up that’s actually a PVP game where successful players can create obstacles and transform into giant bosses to battle other with? Brilliant! It looks extremely fun and fast-paced, and from the looks of things, it may be coming out sooner than expected, so keep an eye out for it.

Xydonia- For those of you who prefer a more traditional shoot-’em-up experience, though, Breaking Bytes have you covered. A direct nod to the Japanese entries into that genre from the ’90s, in particular. So far the graphics and designs are nice and colorful, everything is perfectly action-packed, and as the kicker, you get to battle a giant half-machine/half-ape hybrid at some point, which is always a true indicator of a quality product.

Disco Elysium- The only reason we haven’t provided a more detailed preview for this highly intriguing blend of isometric RPGs and ’70s cops shows yet is the fact that, well…even trying to explain the premise, gameplay, and style beyond that one-sentence summary will REALLY not likely do things justice. It truly is something unique that you need to check out for yourself. But in the meantime, hey, here’s a really kickass boat and a snowy setting!

MegaSphere- This cyberpunk hi-bit platformer with randomized worlds still looks quite impressive, and gets to show off a little more of those worlds again. Not entirely sure what the anomaly is here – crumbling space stations and such are fairly normal in these scenarios, especially compared to the dying stars central to the game’s plot – but it helps toward crafting a bit of a nicely eerie atmosphere in between action.

Rising Hell- Well, we tried a game about escaping Hell this year with Agony, and it not go all that well. Next year aims to do better with Afterparty looking to be a vastly better game about escaping Hell, but let’s double down with what appears to be a killer platformer about escaping Hell as well, in a vertical roguelike with the varied, brutal obstacles one expects from the genre. throw in some impressive pixel art and this ironically may end up being a heavenly experience.

Phantom Halls- Because any good survival horror/comedy mixture deserves a foreboding opening worthy of Snoopy himself. But indeed, for a game about the classic premise of blasting away creatures like zombies and skeletons, it does perfectly set the tone and the stage, and the finished game is set to leave Early Access this Halloween as well. So make sure to keep that RV running for what the cast bursts out.

Piko Piko- Well, one can never go wrong with stories where cute anime girls wallop the crap out of things with the use of huge hammers in pursuit of justice. In this case, it’s getting revenge on the destruction of your school as the last true blacksmith girl, in a cheeky, colorful, and fun platformer. Presumably, this blue-haired girl is one of the ne’er-do-wells that deserves to be on the receiving end of a hammer, but why aren’t they fighting back? What do they have up their sleeve…

Fight’N Rage- Okay, in all honesty, I foolishly did not know until writing this that the ode to old-school ’90s beat-’em-ups seen here has actually been completed and has been available on Steam for just over a year now. So, in a follow-up question, HOW DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS GAME UP UNTIL NOW?? I mean, just the sight alone of a muscular bull beating crap out of anthropomorphic rats with exploding motorcycles featuring amazing, cartoonish graphics and sweet action should have been enough to get this on our radar, let alone everything else the game has. We should feel ashamed…

Unending Dusk- And now to make sure that we don’t perform another mistake in ignoring another promising retro beat-’em-up, let us give a little spotlight to Unending Dusk. It’s actually available right now in Early Access for those who want their hands on it ASAP, and between its post-apocalyptic yet colorful style, inclusion of RPG elements, and gleefully chaotic action as seen here, a good chunk of you should indeed desire it.

Glitched- One of the coolest parts of Psychonuats was the clairvoyance skill, where you could actually see how the main character looked through the minds of almost every NPC. So it’s nice to see similar techniques live on in a meta RPG where you can get glimpses into the minds of seemingly every character you meet, in a nice and clever touch. Also, as someone who spends a lot of time on deviantART, I can indeed confirm those hot slimes are out there, little buddy.

She Dreams Elsewhere- Speaking of RPGs and the power of the mind, when you’re a person in a coma confronting their own nightmares in a variety of imaginative, surreal worlds that may be formed in relation to your own thoughts, it actually makes sense to weaponize your emotions against them. But what would the side effect mentioned on your character be? An outburst of emotions like that, would it truly be healthy? We’ll wait and see…

Temple of Rust- Available now in Early Access, what we have here is a top-down action game about traversing a procedurally generated wasteland, whose description describes it as being “trashpunk.” We may be slightly overdosing on “-punk” worlds, but it’s worth it if it still leads to games that look as fast and fun as this, where even a scene where interacting with a toxic pump looks neat.

Hyper Jam- An ’80s-styled arena brawler that proves to be rather irresistible when it comes to its neon aesthetics and gameplay. And when you’re dealing with a heavy stream of dashes and laser attacks, among other things, you definitely need to pay attention and react quickly, lest you end up with a loss such as this.

Albert+Zoe- Described as “an electro-fantasy narrative rhythm game about relationship building and the tragedy of choice,” this adventure of a witch and a deserting priest taking on an oppressive empire still manages to look quite stunning. Heck, even without the final polish, that is still one good-looking parry effect alone.

Anew: The Distant Light- No explanation should be needed as to why any metroidvania game where you can control a giant mech with an equally giant laser comes across as being quite awesome. Seriously, just relish this scene and keep an eye out for the game, nothing more needed.

Hilda Creatures- We’re not certain if this is similar to Cartoon Network’s recent attempts to get more involved with the indie community with it comes to creating licensed games, or if this is just a simple mobile tie-in for a Netflix show, but it still looks cute, colorful, and fun, so it certainly looks paying attention to (plus I just needed a reminder that I should be watching this show already).