Screenshot Saturday Featuring Yes, Your Grace, Superliminal, More

Well, Screenshot Saturday has come and gone yet again, and so several folks in the gaming industry have taken to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to provide quick glimpses into the latest developments concerning their latest work. And as October has just begun, it should only be appropriate that the first edition of the month feature such blood-curdling, scream-inducing games such as…*checks all the games that used the tag this weekend*…oh, I guess we’re not fully into the Halloween spirit yet. Okay, so it’s business as usual instead, but business as usual is still a batch of good-looking games, so enjoy!

Yes, Your Grace- Being the king isn’t always easy. Sometimes it means making tough decisions, and in this new kingdom simulator, players will be talking to all of the subjects that approach them directly, addressing such notable concerns as “Do you wanna buy a pair of boots?” Those boots could make for comfy feet and thus shape the future of the land, after all. Plus it adds the perfect bit of levity to a promising and unique narrative-focused game like this.

Superliminal- A clever first-person puzzler involving dream therapy, this game relies on players harnessing the power of forced perspective in order to bypass various obstacles. Well, obstacles and mind screws in general, which can all come courtesy of seemingly mundane things. I mean, here alone we have warped cubic swimming pools (with really impressive water effects) and what appears to be a bouncy castle. One can only imagine the insanity to come from this.

DOOMBLADE- This is quite the impressive amount of action packed into one GIF alone, and further showcases the potential of this promising medtroidvania game. There are several highlights, from the graphics to the fact-paced gameplay, but somehow it all comes down to slicing a monster’s legs off and watching it explode. It’s just so…satisfying.

No Delivery- After several Five Nights at Freddy’s games, is it still possible to find new angles on how to deliver horror via the setting of a creepy kid’s pizza parlor? “Yes indeed,” says this procedurally generated RPG, currently available on And as expected, the inner workings of the anamatronics do indeed make for a nice and creepy sight.

Scarf- An impressive platformer needs impressive worlds to explore, and this game certainly appears that it will be delivering on that front, and then some. Can’t wait to see exactly what kind of scenarios an area like this can deliver, and how your enchanted scarf will be able to get you through all of them.

Embr- Hey, when you took the job to be a part-time fireman via an app, no one said things would be pretty. So sometimes you way have to throw a few victims to safety, utilize a few trampolines, or knock down some ladders. As long as you bring (mostly) everyone out alive and get paid, s’all good.

Broken Roads- Well, after loads upon loads of post-apocalyptic games that have drawn inspiration from the likes of Mad Max, one developer has decided to finally set one in their native Australia, just like how Max’s adventures started. It’s an impressive-looking RPG so far, and yes, you should indeed check out their new trailer for more of this.

Planet of Lana- A cinematic platformer about a young girl that has to outsmart an entire planet. This involves getting around the occasional hostile machine as well, and much like similar classics such as Another World, that means having to compensate for your lack of strength my finding other ways around. Say, a distraction and a heavy object. Quite the fine stuff so far.

Necrofugitive- Well, the action here looks quite pleasing indeed, and the graphics are also impressive, but really, it’s all about the catharsis that comes from being able to use shapeshifting abilities in order to transform into a massive demon and massacre a dozen knights or so in mere seconds. So yes, if you want more of this demonic fun, consider throwing a few dollars towards its Kickstarter campaign.

Endling- Honestly, I just thought this was awesome and wanted to end this week’s edition with some good news. Quite the amazing-looking platformer about the environment, and quite the amazing act that goes towards protecting it. Kudos!