Screenshot Saturday Featuring You Suck at Parking, Overcrowd, More

Hello, and welcome back to Screenshot Saturday, and my apologies for having taken the past two weeks off. Long story short, there’s a certain similar project I have planned in the works for Hardcore Gamer, and I got caught up trying to plan for it. But now we’re back, and upon seeing what social media had to offer via the #screenshotsaturday tag this week…I honestly debated taking a third week off. Sorry, but there’s still a massive glut of spam and people just misusing the tag in general, and it seems to have gotten worse. Not helping was Square Enix, who decided they suddenly needed to co-opt Screenshot Saturday and use it to promote Marvel’s Avengers, resulting in a ton of replies attaching the tag to pictures from an open-world triple-A game with a massively-popular license that clearly doesn’t need to use this kind of promotion (not helped by my own tepid reaction towards the game).

Apologies again, but Screenshot Saturday is meant to be a showcase for smaller indie titles that could use the love and attention, and it irks me how things like this clogs things up. Developers and more from around the world may be only providing short glimpses into their latest projects, but that doesn’t mean they can just be overshadowed by people trying to promote amateur rap videos and the video game equivalent of day-old bread. But this negativity has already gone on long enough, so let’s just get right to the good stuff that emerged this week! Another batch of promising games is here, so let’s get to it already…

You Suck at Parking- One of the highlights of the recent PAX Online (for me, anyway) was this ridiculously fun little puzzler, which tasks you with having to park cars across several insane obstacles courses…all without brakes. And while on a time limit. So needless to say, one should expect many moments like these, which will end up being frustrating yet fun at the same time.

Chinatown Detective Agency- Surprisingly, two noir detective games popped up this weekend, both on opposite ends of the spectrum. First, we have a futuristic game set in Singapore that actually uniquely relies on players having to do real-world detective work, all while dealing with crimes such as this rendered in a pixel art style, but still with a more realistic setting…

Genesis Noir- …And on the other end, a surreal noir adventure with more stylistic animation and a tale that takes place during the Big Bang and has a lot of jazz influences, meaning a more fantasy-spiked tale that still sees you doing detective work, but with more in-game clues to find such as this. But from what I’ve seen so far, I’d say you honestly can’t go wrong either way.

Overcrowd- Currently available in Early Access (and set for a full release on October 6), this impressive-looking simulation game sees you running your own metro station, trying to create a successful commuter flow in order to make everyone happy. Of course, being able to lead them past a few shops where they can drop off some disposable income doesn’t hurt as well…

Romancelvania- Considering that this is described as a “thirsty platformer” that blends metroidvania games with reality TV dating where the goal is to basically guide Dracula through a bunch of romantic encounters, some of you may be disappointed that the glimpse of it shown here is just of a dessert-themed world. Well, what can say? This is but a tease, and you’ll have to wait for the Kickstarter campaign in October for more of this unique game.

The Bookwalker- Not being a literary expert, I couldn’t tell you right off the bat what piece of literature our main character here has dived into. But I can say that it looks quite impressive and foreboding (especially with the odd clock structure), and I certainly can’t wait to explore even more of it.

Super Mombo Quest- A classic fast-paced platformer that aims to marry together metroidvania games and arcade platformers, and so far seems like it could be a success. It helps that it has quite the eye-catching, bright and colorful world, and an adorable protagonist with their tongue always hanging out, even during an intense rescue moment like this.

Ninja Chowdown- I’m not sure how many ninjas have utilized pigs when it comes to combat situations throughout history…then again, not many ninjas are fighting to get their donut shop to the top of the restaurant heap. Besides, the pig just helps to make this already-promising runner look even more fun in general.

Tomb Toad- So you’re a toad in a tomb that you traverse by tilting while taking treasure and token torches while terrifying titanic enemies with orbs that…crap, I ran out of ideas for alliteration. Looks, it’s a fun-looking mobile game, that’s all you really need to know.

Honey, I Joined a Cult- …Let’s be honest, if there was ever a case for a bug to be left in as a feature, then this would definitely be it. I mean, this already looks like a humorous and fun simulation game, but something about managing an all-nude 1970s cult just seems so…perfect.