Screenshot Saturday: Special Gamescom 2018 Edition

Okay, terribly sorry for the delay with this week’s edition of Screenshot Saturday, but I’ve decided to do something a little different this weekend. We’re having two major gaming events back to back – Gamescom 2018 and PAX West 2018 – but we sadly lack the resources to cover all of the games showcased at them that we’d like to cover. So I have decided to turn this weekend’s Screenshot Saturday into a quick showcase (well, quick in terms of presentation, anyway) for twenty-five of the most interesting indie games to have come out of Gamescom 2018!! Although as you can see, a few are still using the #screenshotsaturday hashtag, so we still have a few traditional entries as well, yay!

Now, this is admittedly not a comprehensive list, as I was lacking in resources that detailed all of the games present (you’d think someone would find a convenient way to catalogue all the titles at events like these), so if there is a notable omission here, or just any game that also deserves more attention, please feel free to let us know in the comments. Also, there were some deliberate omissions, if only because I decided to save a few for PAX West next week if this experiment works, and didn’t want any repeats (sorry, Devolver, but you’ll have the spotlight next weekend). It’s a bit different, a few more booth shots instead of screenshots (sacrilege, I know), but hopefully you’ll find something here from Gamescom 2018 that earns your love. Now, on with the show!! In alphabetical order…

Ancient Abyss- Zodiac Interactive came to Gamescom with a crop of promising new titles, though Tales of the Neon Sea still seemed to overshadow the others. But out of all of them, developer Scream Box’s smooth pixel art and impressive top-down action ended up making their game the winner of the lot. Well, all of the games look like winners, but this one a bit more so.

Atone- Wildboy Studios celebrated their successful Gamescom with what feels like a bit of a cryptic teaser for their hand-drawn Norse rhythm adventure. Well, either that or it’s a part of the demo we simply haven’t seen it yet. Whatever the case, still hyped for their new and unique game.

Blacksad: Under the Skin- Pendulo has a reputation for making several interesting graphic adventure games, to say the very least, and their take on the Blacksad series of graphic novels should be an interesting one. A classic detective story with an animal twist seems right up their alley, and it looks good so far, although it is odd that it’s now the second game to be made along those lines this year…

Breach- You did see those pictures of the crowds at Gamescom this year, right? Honestly, I doubt even a Chronomancer could help clear a path through that mess. But serious, the mix of sci-fi and mythology from the ex-BioWare devs at QC Games certainly makes for one ambitious free-to-play action RPG that we can’t wait to see more of.

Deru- Definitely the winner of the show’s “Simple Yet Genius” award (if they had one), this co-op title about a circle and triangle that have to strategically block color-coordinated beams for each other to pass seems like a superb puzzle game in the making. And as seen here, several people evidently agree.

El Hijo- Not sure if this is part of a map or just a generally peaceful, welcoming picture to celebrate a successful showing, but it still acts as a perfect snapshot for this spaghetti Western stealth game. The multitude of shadows here alone provide several nice possibilities for sneaking around.

Endling- Being the partner country at Gamescom this year, Spain showed up with some amazing titles to show off. Herobeat Studios’ environmental side-scroller about saving the last few fox cubs still continues to be one of the most intriguing titles on display with its jaw-dropping style, no doubt doing their home country proud tenfold.

Etherborn- And while we’re on the topic about impressive games from Spain, we may as well bring up Endling’s neighbor (well, neighbor at the Games From Spain booth, not the Indie Arena Booth seen here)! The gravity-defying puzzler still has one of the most eye-popping worlds showcased in gaming right now, so it’s still another one from La Piel de Toro to look out for.

Fallback- Going back to platformers that take place in a dystopian world for a moment, Endroad has provided some intense action and dark visuals that appear to make for one exciting and potentially unique roguelike game. We really need to start thinking about more failsafes in case technology begins to take over, though.

Felix the Reaper- So far it looks like nobody has figured out which drawing is being referred to here, but while the drawings are a damn fine touch for the booth, the game itself is such a clever shadow-based puzzler that blends rhythm and romance elements together that it stands high on its own. And rightfully so. God, I can’t wait for this one.

Flotsam- So basically, imagine Waterworld, but…well, actually enjoyable. It certainly is a creative twist on survival and town-building games, so much so that it ended up winning the Indie Arena Booth’s “Rising Star” award. So consider that a big vote of confidence, and one that gets us more excited for when this colorful title comes out.

Generation Zero- Honestly, the booth for this game having a giant robot wreck was arguably enough to get it a highlight. The fact that it appears to be an amazing co-op FPS with some fun gameplay definitely helps as well, of course. It’s another robot invasion – this time with an ’80s twist – definitely worth checking out.

Inlight- This unique wave-based arcade-style shooter impressed at Gamescom, but its real success story was in its campaign over on Kickstarter, where it’s already racked up enough for its funding goal in under two days. And with colorful, stylish action such as this, its not hard to see why. Whoever dropped off those final few dollars (hopefully impressed by the game at the event), we salute you!

Kunai- I don’t know which of the two developers here thought up the idea for a robotic ninja tablet, but the end result is just so damn adorable that whoever it was deserves an award for that alone. Thankfully, such a character also gets to be in what looks like an amazing metroidvania game with stellar pixel art, lightning-fast action, and a unique color scheme, which they rightly deserve.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill- This downhill biking game is no stranger to Gamescom, but is still simple yet challenging and addictive enough that it deserves more attention yet again. Can’t wait to see that new mountain, which appears to have a bit of a nice Autumn feel to it.

A Long Way Down- In what feels like a slight cross between The Guild of Dungeoneering and Darkest Dungeon, what we have here is a deck-building game where you assist in crafting the dungeon while having to face the consequences of your choices, and where your character’s choices influence their sanity and the dungeon as well as a result. Certainly one the more creative deck-building games seen, and definitely work taking a look at.

Lost Ember- This simple clip was made before the show officially began, and doesn’t really do the exploration and possession-based game or its beautiful, nature-filled world and its engrossing narrative justice. Fast forward a week, and now it’s won the official award for the best indie game at Gamescom. From one humble tweet, to a masterpiece that you need to see in person to believe. Bravo!

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden- If the official Twitter feed is to be believed, apparently only two people at Gamescom were able to beat the demo for this insane tactical strategy game (the other being Samuel Roberts of PC Gamer). Even pro wrestlers almost had their ass kicked by it, but difficult as it may appear to be, the game’s post-apocalyptic world with a dark sense of humor presents an irresistible challenge and the promise of a damn good game overall.

Nippon Marathon- I am a bit wary of any game that seems at least slightly reliant on “goofy physics” as a selling point, but damned if the combination of colorful Japanese wackiness, insane obstacles, and generally fun racing action didn’t win me over. Also, I am morbidly curious as to what is up with the giant banana hand.

Re-Legion- We’ve already had one twisted game about religion this year with Cultist Simulator, but let’s take it to another level and bring about a sci-fi RTS game where you can convert citizens into units in order to help spread your cult’s message. It won’t exactly be peaceful in leading your new followers around, as you can see, but it does indeed look thrilling.

The Sinking City- Delving back again into the themes of madness, this time with some straight-up Lovecraft involved as players explore a flooded New England city in an open-world detective game. No idea how one comes to logical deductions and conclusions in a world where insanity is the norm, but exploration alone looks to be highly enjoyable, and there should be plenty of nifty mind screws, so we’re ready to dive in.

Spitkiss- Who knew that two lovers swapping spit in a form of awkward kissing could make for an amazing mobile game with precision platforming? Developers Triple Topping did, apparently, and knew to give it an eye-catching art style and some unique, one-handed, swipe-based gameplay. It definitely appears to be one of this year’s most charming mobile games, which I thought I would never say about a game that revolves around spit.

Star Renegades- Crowds like this may have taken a slight toll on Massive Damage, if their lead artist’s response is anything to go by. But this only proves just how mesmerizing the tactical squad-based RPG can become, and even the artist’s tweet shows the amazing talent going into this game’s world and artwork. So hopefully, it was all worth it.

Trüberbrook- The new trailer only got us more interested in this graphic adventure game and its bizarre, hand-crafted, 1960s world and the sci-fi tale within. If anything, I wish I could interrogate someone who played the new demo to confirm that it was even more interesting and deeper than before, but this is a nice consolation prize.

Unruly Heroes- I genuinely still can’t understand why a platformer/brawler hybrid this colorful, stylish, action-packed, and fun hasn’t been getting more attention, but here’s hoping a new level and demo raised more awareness for the game. I don’t exactly remember the part in Journey to the West where the Underworld transforms the heroes into children, but it looks too adorable and fits the tone and look of the game perfectly, so I’m not complaining.


Devil May Cry 5- I do try to keep this feature to indie games or smaller titles, since helping shine a light on games such as those is a key part of what Screenshot Saturday is all about, but HOLY SH*T DANTE HAS A MOTORCYCLE THAT SPLITS INTO TWO GIANT BUZZSAW SWORDS HELL YES TAKE MY MONEY NOW COME ON I AM ONLY HUMAN