Screenshot Saturday Featuring Nimbatus, Dead Cells, Many More

The Halloween edition of Screenshot Saturday is pretty much the same as all the others, except for slightly more skeletons.  Each week sees developers show off whatever they can, whether that be a shiny new game clip or a particularly troublesome menu feature that’s finally implemented properly, and while the latter might not be quite so visually impressive as the former it probably took far more work to implement.  This feature is primarily about sharp-looking images and animations, so menus and title screens don’t generally make it in, but that’s not so much a rule as a side-effect.  There’s an incredible amount of great work on display, far more than one weekly feature can showcase, so while trimming things down to a reasonable number leaves far too many good images behind it’s always worthheading over to Twitter and seeing what couldn’t quite fit in.  As for what’s here, though, most of it is in handy animated form, and far more fun to see if you give it a chance to move.

Constellation- Type in things and see what the game tosses back at you.  The details on this one are a bit light but it looks like exploring how the geometric art patterns are related to player input seems like it will be a major part of the experience.

RK3000- There is a city and a giant robot, and therefore soon there will be no city. If the city wanted to not be reduced to a series of rubble piles it shouldn’t have been so inviting towards a giant robot with an enormous glowing chainsaw.

Myrkheim- After crash-landing on an alien world you need to survive and find the parts to build a rescue beacon. “Survive” in this case doesn’t mean crafting a base so much as finding new gun parts to better shoot alien predators in the face.  Sometimes, though, there are giant mushrooms with glowing tendrils instead of hungry wildlife.  The world may be hostile but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be pretty.

Omnichronic- Point & click adventure game using a combination of 2D/3D art. Flat voxel-y characters walk across rooms with a bit of depth to them, the furniture drawn on the backgrounds with a bit of voxel-bump to pull them off the flat surface, making for a nice throwback look that still has a nice amount of depth.

Nimbatus- Build a drone strong enough to survive whatever the universe can throw at it.  As you explore and find new tech the drones you build can get bigger and crazier, until eventually you’ve got a spinning pinwheel of destruction that can carve its way through enemies and solid stone like a buzzsaw made of lasers.

Pachelbel’s Cannon- How has this name taken so long to happen? Also, you can tell by the title the ship has to die in a single hit.  How could it be anything other than glass?

Dead Cells- Action roguelike where a decapitated corpse is taken over by a blob which proceeds to use its new home much more effectively than the previous owner. The dungeon may be old and it looks decrepit, but has amazing structural stability.

Blazing Beaks- Ducks have a far greater combat ability than most people give them credit for. Heavily armed mallards may be cute but their guns aren’t just for show, and the resulting chaos is practically Vlambeerian in its screen-shake.

Mugsters- Run from the big-ball alien machines, rescuing the humans along the way while using every vehicle you can find to gain an edge. The end-of-level airplane is generally meant to be used a bit later in the process, and it really shouldn’t turn the poor survivors into an incongruously festive confetti splatter

SOMOS- Some games defy description, others don’t seem to have one. Zip back and forth between opposite-colored sections of the screen to… do something. This particular section is a stark black and white, but the other levels have a large number of dual-color palettes to draw from.

Unnamed-  I’ll admit to not being even slightly familiar with the “famous 2011 game”, but speaking as someone without an ounce of artistic talent it’s honestly fascinating to watch a 3×3 grid of dots and lines get distorted into a recognizable image.

Gizmo- Super-early in production so it’s a bit hard to say exactly, but looks to be a 3D platformer with a robot hero and, if this first one is anything to go by, super-cute enemies wandering its stages.

Unnamed- Sneak through the forest avoiding the spotlight-eyes of robotic houses on legs.  Correction- creepy-weird robotic houses on legs.

Furious Angels-  Fly the open skies and shoot down all the things, twin-stick style.  Each day is a new set of waves with fresh leaderboards to compete in, and getting the top spot requires incredible skill.  It’s very simple, minimalist shooting, but the skies get crowded quickly and your aircraft can get incredibly powerful if you can hold on long enough.

Bonus Images-

My Gamedev Life-  Not a game but it’s about games, so close enough.  Pages 1 and 2 of what promises to be a good read about the author’s experiences in the industry.

Puppy Chef Academy- Pumpkins and ghosts and things that go bump in the night are so familiar they’ve lost all ability to unnerve. This digital skeleton, on the other hand, is just plain Wrong.