Screenshot Saturday Featuring Undead Horde, Just Shapes & Beats, Many More

There’s always room for a little more Screenshot Saturday, except nothing about the day is little.  Each week sees hundreds of new images pour onto Twitter from games in various stages of development and even full release, ranging from student projects to the occasional triple-A.  It’s a lot to take in, so this feature trims it down to about a dozen or so plus a bonus image.  There’s a lot more where this came from, though, so it’s always worth a look at source just to see what else might have shown up.  As for this week’s batch of excellence, it’s waiting below to show off the reliable hit of incredible talent each week brings with it.

Caveblazers- Action-roguelike that will cheerfully kill you dead in classic genre tradition, but now with chicken bombs. Turning your enemies into something ridiculous is a long-standing gaming tradition, and while the earliest chicken transformation I can think of is from Heretic it’s probably not the first.

Spinch- Colorfully insane platformer, although it’s hard to tell from this enemy design. Whatever this critter may be it’s deeply, impressively wrong on any number of levels.

Kynseed- Generational sandbox RPG where you live your life, age, die, and keep on going as your children while the tree slowly growing from the kynseed gets bigger with every new member added to your growing family. Not sure how terrible puns fit in there but the game couldn’t function properly without them.

Undead Horde- Raise the dead as a necromancer hell-bent on protecting the members of his undead-loving people from the humans who want to exterminate them. “Protection” is being creatively defined as “razing every village, town, and fortress you can find”. It’s a bit of a mystery how chickens can be reanimated, though, except as skeletons after all the tasty bits have been nibbled off.

Fictorum- Journey through the world as an overpowered mage whose spells shatter anything they impact, causing almost as much damage through flying debris as direct hit. When the game came out last August it wasn’t all it was hoped to be, but the 1.1 patch released this week is a major revamp leaving no aspect of the game untouched.

It’s Paper Guy!- Cute and happy all-ages game about a Guy living in his Paper world, cutting through pencil-drawn scenery to find the missing… thing. Really, it’s just an excuse to interact with a world that looks like it was drawn on graph paper then cut out and arranged in a cheerful diorama.

Akane- Cyberpunk ronin arcade slasher. Take out as many yakuza as possible in the rain-soaked neon streets, slashing and shooting in a one-hit-one-kill fight to the death. Amazing as the action looks, though, Deadpool would have something to say about her choice in tank top color.

Just Shapes & Beats- The title is a lie! There’s also a dash, but that doesn’t scan so well and really, the shapes and beats are kind of overwhelming even if the dash is so incredibly necessary to avoid the endless onslaught of deadly shapes kicked out to the rhythm of the beat.

Text Quest- First-person adventure where all the items, objects, and enemies in the game are made from text. It can’t always be a Giant Spider attacking, though, so sometimes you get to kick back in front of a flickering Fire while Smoke rises up the chimney.

Unnamed-  While the law of unintended consequences can lead to surprising results, this is maybe a bit excessive.

Virgo Vs The Zodiac- J-ishRPG where Virgo seeks to restore balance to the universe no matter who she needs to step on. Fluffy-sparkly alpacas aren’t having any of it. Currently running on Fig, complete with demo.

Pepper Grinder-  A small lady with a big drill tears up the scenery and the critters wandering through it in search of gems and other goodies.  A little perspective now and then shows off details that are a bit too big to take in all at once.

Unannamed-  A big-eyed wizard runs through a Mario-style level, but he’s more about firing magic bolts than stomping on things.  A nice twist on the formula is needing to find a key hidden in one of the blocks and then bring it to the exit in order to move on.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- I refuse to believe that something as pure and wonderful as cookies could be turned evil. On the other hand, it seems to be working in that now I need a cookie. Hmmm…