Screenshot Saturday Featuring Adr1ft, Everspace, Deathtrash, and Ten More

Screenshot Saturday usually doesn’t happen on Sunday but life is weird some weeks.  On the plus side, this means that late entries get a chance to be included, instead of lost in the gap between one week and the next.  This week saw a large number of released titles mixed into the usual preview of games in every stage of development, thanks primarily to the current Steam sale. (It also saw hashtag misuse of some of the most uninteresting porn ever, about as exciting and engaging as pictures of washing the dishes or vacuuming the floor.  People are strange.)  As usual, pictures and animated .gifs are chosen on how fun they are rather than what game they support, and the moving pictures are much more entertaining when you click on the blue arrows.

The Last World-  I’m not really up on the subtleties of archery but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work.  The Last World is a voxelized action/RPG, and that’s just about all the information that’s available at the moment.  Five beasts to destroy, homeland overrun, the usual.  It’s nice and voxel-y, though.

Unfortunate Spacemen-  While this is another game short on details, it seems to be a multiplayer-focused romp through a spaceship where terrible things happen to your fellow astronauts, most likely with a little help from teammates.  The slow run with glitching visor is a little on the creepy side, though.

Unknown-  This game has so little information on it that it doesn’t even get a name.  The 2D spritework looks great, though, with plenty of detail in the movement.

Everspace-  This space shooter never stops looking amazing.  It helps that in Everspace’s version of the endless inky void there are asteroids everywhere, light refracting through clouds of dust wherever you look, plus plenty of laser fire.  It’s what outer space is supposed to look like.

The Pedestrian-  Puzzle platformer where you’re a stick-figure running from one sign to the next, from walls inside buildings to signposts and scaffolding in the outside world.  Each sign is connected to another, and in certain points you can even pull back the camera to reconfigure how the linkages fit together.  The art is a fantastic combination of minimalism on the gameplay side and more detailed world construction outside the boundaries of the signs.

Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus-  Gross-out platformer/shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world where you’re the next stage of human evolution.  Not the Star Trek-style improvement in knowledge and wisdom but rather mean, brutal, and hungry.  All kinds of wrong in a lot of good ways.

Cloudbase Prime- First-person platformer/shooter where you blast the legs out from under robots while raising and lowering land to make your way through the hazards in the floating islands of a gas giant.  The alpha is available over here, and well worth the time to check out.

Deathtrash-  Down & dirty cyberpunk RPG focusing on freedom of choice in every situation.  Shooting is always an option, as is talking, and which you choose is down to what you’re in the mood for at the moment.  Deathtrash won’t be a nice game, but every screen shown so far makes it look like the most entertainingly badass RPG in a very long while.

The Last Leviathan-  Journey to sea, make your way in the world, and watch out for giant monsters who view you as a rare and flavorful appetizer.  The ocean is home to islands, villages, and giant be-tentacled kraken-like behemoths, all waiting to be discovered and explored, and possibly eat you as you pass on by.

Adr1ft-  There is no air in space, but what it lacks in even the most basic means of life support it makes up for with… um…  wreckage?  An astronaut is stranded in the remains of a ruined space station fighting to stay alive while the suit slowly leaks irreplaceable air into the infinite vacuum.  If that isn’t worrying enough, the immersion is amplified by being VR exclusive, adding to the imminent doom bearing down.

Scarf: Walking with Souls-  You’re a little white guy with a big red scarf exploring a vast world filled with sci-fi vistas.  Hyke’s scarf gains abilities throughout the adventure, transforming into various tools necessary to navigate and survive.  It’s super-early but already very pretty.

Artifax-  First-person dungeon-explorer that uses a low-res look.  Like a lot of this week’s haul it’s super-early and the details are scarce, but it certainly looks great in motion.

Bonus Image

Vulpine-  Fox with a sword.  Really, once a game has that feature implemented is there much need for further work?  At this point the heavy conceptual lifting is complete.