Screenshot Saturday Featuring UnDungeon, Battle Princess Madelyn, Many More

Alright, it’s time for the magic of Screenshot Saturday yet again! Or Screenshot and GIF Saturday, if you want to be accurate. Or to be even more accurate, Screenshot, GIF, and Short Video Saturday. But that doesn’t make for a catchy hashtag, so Screenshot Saturday it is. As always, this is an opportunity to get little glimpses into upcoming games, which helps smaller developers and projects get more exposure…unless they get drowned out by other tweets missing the point again (roller coaster designs seemed to pop up a lot this weekend). This edition comes a little late due to 2/3rd of the people involved with the feature being out of town over the weekend. But anyhow, without further ado…

Ghost Song- A haunting metroidvania game with an emotional core and themes of isolation, all set on a distant moon where you have to uncover the truth. And as expected per the genre, you’ll be hunting for a lot of secrets as well, though one usually suggests you actually shouldn’t eat any food that’s been stored in blob-like containers. Then again, none of us are alien life forms (well, as far as you all know).

Battle Princess Madelyn- Play as a young knight in training as you help them rescue their family members in an homage to the likes of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. And it wouldn’t a game such as this without fierce boss encounters, which you can tackle with the assistance of a cute little ghost dog. Or you can just throw a spear at them, that works fine as well.

Hacktag- Co-op stealth where one player sneaks around physically where the other player assists them via hacking from behind the scenes. Not entirely sure how a seemingly ordinary library fits into your standard stealth game narrative, but based on the bit here, it definitely looks like it’ll be interesting.

Noiro- Draw paths for two heroes in order to help them recolor their world in this action/puzzle hybrid for mobile devices. And this is one dreamlike world that you’ll be recoloring, as evidenced by sights such as these rhythmic plant-like objects. Nicely surreal stuff indeed.

UnDungeon- An old-school roguelike action RPG where you play as one of seven Heralds attempting to judge the fate of a world where several different dimensions have shifted together. Aside from its impressive gameplay, UnDungeon has clearly poured a lot of work into its pixel art, as seen in even this simple animation. And the merging of several different worlds promises even more unique visuals to follow.

Crazy Justice- Currently in the middle of raising funds via crowdfunding over at Fig, Crazy Justice is a third-person shooter where you blast away hordes of biomechanical steampunk enemies in highly destructible environments where you can also build more defenses. Mind you, the above clip may not be as crazy as the name suggests, but trust us when we say that this looks like one incredibly promising action game indeed.

Ghost of a Tale- Already available now on Steam via Early Access, this upcoming action RPG about an adventurous medieval mouse has already garnered a ton of acclaim from many due to its engrossing writing and well-done stealth gameplay. So showing off its gorgeous environments like this can basically be considered a victory lap.

Children of Morta- The Bergson family may spend a lot of time hunting down the monsters that invade Mount Morta, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to take care of their own home life. Indeed, this shot of their household looks like they keep their place nice and cozy, unless any members of the clan have some sort of unseen trauma that only a roguelike dungeon crawler can deliver.

Wildfire- A 2D platformer where you use your elemental powers – mainly fire, obviously – to get rid of the enemies holding your village hostage. Luckily, as Batman has always pointed out when it comes to criminals, they’re a superstitious, cowardly lot, so all it takes is a little fire started by pyrokinesis to get them running. Maybe it won’t be as humorous as this scenario, but it does look like it’ll be fun.

The Gardens Between- The Voxel Agents show that even the simplest actions, such as placing down a lantern, can say a lot about a character’s personality with the right touches, as seen in this animation from their upcoming puzzle game. Maybe it isn’t the safest way to place something down, but it is one of the coolest.

Long Gone Days- A modern-day RPG that also mixes in elements from visual novels, puzzle games, and shooters, Long Gone Days sees you as soldier abandoning their post in order to learn the truth behind their current operation. Intense stuff, but not so intense that you don’t have time for the occasional supply run at a convenience store.

Asylum- A point-and-click adventure game to serve as a spiritual successor to Scratches, Asylum has been in the works for over four years since its Kickstarter campaign, and now it looks like the game is headed in a new direction when it comes to its presentation…and it appears that it may be for the better.

GUTS- Complete dismemberment of your opponent is the goal in this vibrant fighting game with takes the form of a reality show in a dystopian world, which can be achieved through means such as uppercutting your opponent into a giant spiked wheel. Basically, imagine an ultraviolent ’90s fighting game such as Time Killers, except one that’s actually, you know, good.

Huntdown- A Contra-style 2D run-and-gun action game where you collect bounties on colorful punks and gang members straight out of an over-the-top ’80s sci-fi or action film. But even if this is taking place in the future, sometimes you truly can’t resist the classics.

Tonight We Riot- Liberate workers from an oppressive regime in an arcade-style beat-’em-up where you gather a crowd of passionate protesters. And then fight mutant crabs, because why not find a way to spice up a protest like this?

Russian Subway Dogs- Finally, let us end on what may very well go down as one of the greatest moments in video game history: Being able to roast a pigeon to death with mystical fire-breathing powers gained from certain peppers, causing the bird’s friend to grab onto their corpse in a desperate attempt to try to save it, only having enough time to process the harsh reality of the situation and let out a somber “…Why?” right before it meets the same fate as another fiery blast hits it, dooming both charred bodies to then plummet to the ground so that the canines may feast upon their flesh. Anyhow, looks adorable!