Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Boss Guide – Colossi #3: Gaius

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This sword-swinging giant is colossal, and with him comes a little more strategy than normal, not to mention a lot of attempts to shake you off. If you’re good at climbing, you can potentially skip the first couple of steps.


  1. You should notice a little platform in the ground; head over there and wait for Gaius to take a swing.
  2. Dodge the dull blade at the last moment and it should shatter Gaius’ armor quite a bit.
  3. Maneuver your way onto a softer surface such as grass and dirt, and again dodge a swing of the sword.
  4. Make sure he is swinging and not plunging his blade vertically into the ground.
  5. When the sword strikes the ground, it will become stuck for a little while, so quickly get on it and try to make as much progress up the new platform.
  6. Climb up Gaius’ arm, all the way to its shoulder and eventually to his head (you know where this is going).
  7. Put that sword of yours into the Colossus’ head until the sigil disappears.
  8. The second weak spot is located on Gaius’ stomach, which has a conveniently placed platform for you to rest on.
  9. Either drop down or slowly make your way down and finish him off as it tries to belly dance you off.


  1. There is one more emblem to be found, and it’s on Gaius’ left arm, just above his shoulder.

Weak Points

Location Normal Hard
 Top of Head  50% 33%
Stomach 50% 33%
Back of Left Tricep  N/A  33%

Time Attack Goals

Normal Hard
6:00 6:30