Shin Megami Tensei V Guide: Petrified Demon Locations

Throughout the course of Shin Megami Tensei V you’ll come across what look like statues, but instead they are relics of powerful demons that were petrified as divine punishment. Why these are important are because if you interact with them, you’ll be able to gain a level for your entire party, making them incredibly useful finds. Over the course of the four zones, you’ll be able to find eighteen of these long lost beasts, allowing you to level up a little quicker.

Da’at: Minato

  1. Southwest of the Tokyo Tower, you’ll find this Decarabia next to the Mermaid den.
  2. Shortly after the first discovery, go along the path more south and right at the end you’ll find the pack of deceased Anzu.
  3. While climbing the optional mountain filled with flying Charmanders (Aitvaras), hug right (or right behind the abscess) and you’ll find a Miman praying to the giant Baphomet.
  4. This one is one of the trickier ones. Climbing up the mountain, you’re able to leap across to another part of the mountain which leads to a lovely spring (which is also part of a side quest). Halfway there, look down the mountain to your right and you should see a Mothman hanging out. Simply drop down and obtain a level.

Da’at: Shinagawa

  1. This multiple armed, multi-faced creature can be found after halfway through the shipping area. Jump across the rooftops with multiple Bugs on them to an abscess infected area and you’ll come across this one in the back.
  2. Birdman Andras can be found in the area past the long bridge. To the south of the very opposing monster, you’ll find a little area that wraps around a bit.
  3. It’s hard to miss Berith here. As you progress to the next area, you will wrap around a building surrounded by lanky Pisca. Instead of going up through the structure, head to the right and absorb this monster’s power.
  4. While looking for Indun’s apples, climb a bunch of platforms past a number of Baphomets to find Nue.
  5. The final one of the area, you will need to head to the optional area to the east of the Fairy Village. Here, climb higher until you see a warrior standing about. Instead of engaging with him, hop onto the rocks behind him and hug left and drop down at the sight of this demon.

Da’at: Chiyoda

  1. Another easy one to spot. After meeting with your classmate and Abdiel, proceed forward and instead of going across the building, head left.
  2. Fafnir can be a tricky one to get. After the second checkpoint of the area, head down to the right, climb the building and go left. You’ll find a broken down building you’re able to climb.
  3. In the area that is completely optional, after or before obtaining a means to get through the wall of fire, head to a save point with an exhausted Valkyrie stationed next to it. Proceed forward past a Naga Raja and head up to the left. Proceed forward until you’re able to go across a small beam and the next immortalized demon is found.
  4. An easy one to spot due to its size, but another in an optional area. In the last area of Chiyoda, head north until you’re able to drop down onto a freeway. On the eastern part of the bridge you’ll find an Oberon, on the other side you’ll find this giant Loa imprinted on the mountain.

Da’at: Daito

  1. Found directly east of a save point in the Nordic portion of the map, you’ll find this surrounded by Sui-Ki monsters.
  2. From the start of Daito, head directly north past the Hecatoncheires, and to the left of the broken down highway you’ll find Eligor standing tall.
  3. On the eastern portion of the map, you’ll find a zone with a couple of Fafnir flying about, along with Demeter offering a side mission (if you’re up to date on her questline). These pack of Jack Frosts are on the edge of the cliff.
  4. Yet another Decarabia can be found east of the last demon. Get past a bunch of Throne and go up through a hole in a giant building. Instead of proceeding to the right where an abscess is, turn left to find two scary multi-headed snakes. Get past them and go up a couple of platforms to find this free level up.
  5. Last but not least we have Flauros. This big boy stands in the Indian portion of the map to the southeast. From the save point, head south and around to some platforms. Climbing it, you’ll come across an area with high level Rangda. Proceed past them and drop down under a train platform, and at the end we have our final demon.

And there you have it, all Petrified Demons for you to absorb and level up. Utilize these properly; preferably save them until later levels unless you are stuck at a boss, and wait until you’re relatively fresh into a level. It helps that these can be obtained in new game+ as well. If you’re almost leveled up, you won’t get the most out of this as it simply gives you enough EXP to level up and nothing more. Regardless, go forth and become the strongest proto-demon possible.

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