Three Things Total Beginners Should Know Before Starting Fallout 4

The time has come for us to cash in our sick days, forget about eating healthy and generally abuse our bodies in hopes of spending as much time in the Wasteland as possible. While the most important thing players should take into consideration before playing Fallout 4 is that this is absolutely your video game and you’re free to play as you wish, there are definitely a few things you should know in order to improve your experience. It’s for this very reason that we’re going to publish helpful tips for Fallout players of all skill levels: beginners, intermediate Vault Dwellers and all-out experts. Of course, if you’re looking to experience Fallout 4 blindly, there is nothing wrong with that, but we want to make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. For those who are totally new to all things Fallout, this is the tip list for you

1) There are absolutely no rules here.

So many games will tell you that you have the option to do whatever you want, but they’re often flat out lying to your face. In Fallout 4, the freedom that you desire in a western role-playing game is there in droves, as no one will ever tell you what you have to do with your time. If you’re someone who literally never wants to finish the main story, never wants to wear clothing or wants to spend the entirety of your time improving the first town you enter, you’re allowed to do that. It’s for this very reason that Fallout 4‘s main narrative, while compelling and emotional, isn’t the star of the show here. The most successful players will find themselves blending curiosity with determination, as you’ll never get the resources you need to be legendary from only exploring or only following a set path. Turn off that part of your brain that is driving you to accomplish something at all times and relax: Fallout 4 will always be there for your entertainment. If you’ve been looking for a game that feels like it exists as a second life for you to live, this is the title you’ve been waiting for.


2) Hoard anything and everything.

In case you never got the memo, there’s a ton of random stuff to collect in Fallout 4. There are going to be times where you’re tempted to ignore the piles of dead bodies and toolboxes full of duct tape in favor of continuing along your story. If we’re going to offer you one piece of advice in this department, it’s rather simple: don’t. Your companion is available to take some of that excess junk off of your hands, so even though you’ll constantly find yourself over-encumbered, the tools are present for you to keep all of that garbage you hold near and dear to your heart. Because of Fallout 4‘s robust crafting system, those who find a way to collect as many items as possible will find themselves with better gear, plain and simple, as everything can be used as the building block for something cool. Take a companion along on your journey, give them all of the junk you find and then pick a location to store all via the use of workbenches and crafting stations. If you make it a point to store all of your junk in your companion and your workbenches, you’re never really going to be starving for the resources you need to make all of that cool gear you hear of at the water cooler.




3) V.A.T.S. is your friend, but not your best friend.

Think of V.A.T.S., the mechanic that allows you to slow down time (which is quite different from the time-stopping God Mode it was before), as a friend who will always have your back, but won’t necessarily answer his phone. This is a system that, when used in tandem with Fallout 4‘s refined combat mechanics, allows you to become the most devastating force the Commonwealth has ever seen. Still, if you’re looking to completely rely on V.A.T.S. to fight every single battle that comes your way, you’re going to find yourself dead more often than you’d probably like. In Fallout 4, VA.T.S. isn’t the only thing that consumes your Action Points, a limited resource based on your Agility statistic on that adorable S.P.E.C.I.A.L. chart, as sprinting now drains this valuable stat as well. If you are looking to have the most success in Fallout 4‘s combat, you’re going to want to make sure you use V.A.T.S. occasionally, since you won’t be the strongest person in the world when you first start, and will need to run away from battles. The moral of the story here is: use V.A.T.S. sometimes and become legendary, use V.A.T.S. all the time and be stuck in battles you can’t always win.