5 Ideas for Pokémon’s Next Mobile Game

The Pokémon series has changed the way we play handheld video games, starting a craze that spans generations. More recently, the series has tapped into the mobile market with titles like Pokémon Shuffle, Pokémon GO and the upcoming Pokémon MastersWith all of those ideas it got us thinking of where things can go next. So, here’s is a list of our own choices for a future mobile Pokémon game.


Pokémon spin-offs have a lot of variety and one of its most interesting is the crossover with Nobunaga’s Ambition. The result was Pokémon Conquest in which players have a partner Pokémon and battle against warriors using tactical role-playing. It was received well and had a great amount of depth. Bringing this or even a sequel over to mobile devices will give players a chance to experience what could be considered a cult hit as it didn’t sell too high. Regardless, being widely accessible on phones and tablets would make many more interested. Adding new legends to the mix would also mean additional characters and storylines. Plus, a new Pokémon strategy game would be welcomed.


Pokémon Ranger
has great potential for a jump to mobile devices. In Ranger you need to partner up with Pokémon for tasks and catch them for temporary use. The series hasn’t gotten much love as of late with Shadows of Almia releasing in 2008. So, with the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield, there’s an obvious way to tie everything together and present new opportunities. The Galar region is filled with Pokémon that are already helping people or are of great use to people. Take things a step further to use them and others in different ways. Plus, using a touchscreen to circle a Pokémon with the stylus is a perfect fit from the DS days. Let’s get fans interested again in using them for more than just battling.

Battle Tower

This one will let us get a bit more creative. Whatever you want to call it whether it’s the tower, tree, frontier or maison, they all have the same function. You traverse through the place battling various trainers to gain the highest rank. A mobile version of this would be a killer mobile title involving so much strategy. Getting it made, however, might take a lot of thinking as it needs to be figured out which Pokémon can be used, how do you select them, etc. Perhaps a rental system like in Pokémon Stadium is best but then how will the programming be integrated? Piggybacking off the layout of Pokémon Masters might be a good place to start since they have a 3v3 function. Of course, an entire Pokémon Tower mobile game should be as close to the main Pokémon series as possible because being able to play at least some part of classic Pokémon on your phone is going to be enjoyable.


Throughout the Pokémon series the contests have played a big role. While you don’t necessarily need to participate, many trainers found it enjoyable. So, an entire mobile game dedicated to the feature would be a nice way of bringing back something from the past. Dressing up your partner, creating Poffins or Pokéblocks and earning a bunch of ribbons can all easily be designed for mobile. If models from Pokémon GO are used, Pikachu already has a lot of hat options, so working accessories out for others is doable. With it on mobile you can share with friends, have them be the judges and really create a competitive atmosphere. Similar to the Battle Tower idea, it may be tough figuring out how to implement moves and pick which ones the Pokémon receive. Having contests back, however, will make a lot of fans happy and it would truly be remarkable.

Something New

There is always something new that Pokémon can do. With the amount of characters, generations, items and features the series has, there are hundreds of possibilities out there. Something small like Magikarp Jump or more fleshed out such as Pokémon Duel truly shows how much of a range there is. Make a Pokémon can create a mobile game to fall under various genres or stick with some basics but having a twist. What if we see a Ghost and Dark-type Halloween game or get cooking in the kitchen with Pansage. Pokémon Sword and Shield as well as Pokémon Sleep can offer even more options once they are released and we see where the company and series stands. Whether catering to something from the past or the future, there’s always room for more Pokémon games. No matter what, fans are still going to show interest.

There are a lot of possible Pokémon mobile games to create. Our thoughts are just a few of many! Let us know what you would want to see from the company in the comment section.

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