Five Films to Turn into a Team Shooter Game

Alien became a huge hit for sci-fi as it incorporated dangerous extraterrestrials and a lone heroine trying to survive and defeat the creature. It then spawned a number of other films and video games which leads to the release of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. This third-person shooter delves deeper into the Alien series as players control a small group of soldiers on action-packed missions. That got us thinking of other films that could take on an adaptation of the fireteam shooter genre. They don’t have to necessarily be within the science fiction realm, but there are so many options.


Based on a novel by Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation was turned into a sci-fi horror film back in 2018. It features a group of women venturing into a mysterious area called the Shimmer in which many physical and biological anomalies take place creating a dangerous environment. This is already the basis of a thrilling video game. Each of the characters have expertise in scientific and medical fields but are also well-equipped to kill threatening creatures or hostile beings. Mixing in specific missions or storylines for each member as they venture through the area would allow the game to better highlight them.  Boss fights against mutated alligators or bears and finding a solution to prevent parasitic lichens would be key moments. There’s also the option of incorporating new characters and exploring the events taking place after the novel and film have ended. What happens once the Shimmer disappears? Perhaps more have appeared in the world and there’s a massive operation to destroy them as well. A video game of Annihilation would have to be high in horror and combat without sacrificing involvement for all character/players.

Starship Troopers

Another novel-turned-film is the cult classic Starship Troopers. With it spanning various sequels and animated movies watching the military fend off against arachnid aliens, there’s plenty to pick and choose from in order to create a video game. On the surface it could play just like Aliens: Fireteam Elite because it already seems to be a similar premise of a group of soldiers taking down enemies. To make it distinct, developers would have to lean into the wartime propaganda aspects and campy satire seen in first film rather than the gritty feel from the more recent installments. Keeping the animation style of those latter movies, however, could create juxtaposition that stands out. There are already big bugs to shoot down but adding new creatures would be necessary along with vehicles to ride around open areas and provide more firepower. Original actors and voice actors could reprise their characters providing more authenticity. Starship Troopers does already have a number of video games and a new RTS title is currently in the works, so it may be too soon for a fireteam type of entry to be announced, but fans wouldn’t complain seeing more bug-killing action.


James Cameron’s epic sci-fi fantasy, Avatar, made a huge impact and sits within the top rankings of highest-grossing films. There are sequels planned and an action adventure title set to release next year, but there’s no doubt more can be planned. The planet of Pandora is vast and full of numerous threats whether natural or human. Playing as a group of Na’vi would be vital as they often hunt and work together. Creating character classes would help provide variety to combat and make good use of unique roles seen in the film. This would obviously be different from other run and gun type games as the Na’vi don’t use modern firearms and going up against the military forces would be challenging. A new storyline could focus on events taking place long after the events of the film where perhaps the Na’vi have become better equipped to deal with threats. Or taking place in the distance past we can see how they handle natural enemies. Perhaps it’s too early to think about an Avatar video game of this genre, but there was an action title in the past and with something new on the way, combining elements of each might not be a bad idea.


Going up against hordes of the undead is always a good time and Zombieland makes it seem even more enjoyable. This movie and its sequel follow a group of survivors trying to make it through a post-apocalyptic America while having some fun along the way. A team-up video game based on them would bring levity to the dreary zombie genre. Playing as Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock and others, each can bring different skills to the table if developed that way. But it can take inspiration from the Left 4 Dead series and allow everyone to load up on weaponry and equipment to suit their needs. Combing through the White House, Graceland, an amusement park and other locations lends to plenty of possibilities for lighthearted interactions. So would running into Bill Murray or other celebrities! Whether based on the events in the films or coming up with a new story, a Zombieland game involving teamwork (or even a single player mode) would be welcomed by fans. Maybe it’ll help spark interest in another movie or bring the planned television series back to life.

Star Wars

There are already so many video games based on the Star Wars series which means we obviously can’t get enough! There was a shooter game released nearly two decades ago called Republic Commando but with so much time passed and growth around various aspects of the series, it could be time for another. Whether a sequel of sorts or a new story, a team shooter set in Star Wars would be a hit. Cooperate with friends or strangers on various missions, taking down droids, Stormtroopers, creatures and maybe even Jedi (depending on what the story calls for). With the recent releases of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian series on Disney+, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and announcements of more shows and games on the way, it comes with perfect timing for a tie-in or connective thread to a group shooter. The Bad Batch already seems like a great candidate as it has a similar group of characters as Republic Commando on missions and is a current hit to keep within the canon. The potential is great for a Star Wars game in this genre and it’s only a matter of time before an announcement is made.

There are so many movies to take inspiration from and turn it into a group shooter. There’s lots of potential with this small list but the options are seemingly endless. Share some of your favorites and ideas for a new game in the comments below.