Five Square and Enix Titles that Should be Remade

Upon its initial release in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was a massive hit around the world. Now, with a remade version of the beloved Square Enix game available, it will reach even higher levels of success. Square Enix is actually made up of two companies merging together in 2003 and we wanted to pay tribute to both past and present with a list of games from each company we hope gets a remake.

Final Fantasy (Square)

We’re starting off with an ambitious endeavor. Take the very first Final Fantasy released in 1987 and give it the same treatment as the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s where the series all began and while it’s gotten slight advancements over the years, there had been nothing on the level of later FF titles. Of course part of its charm is the pixel art and low-tech limits, but let’s push it into a new era. It may have been criticized for being an overly-difficult game to play, but adding modes to a remake can appeal to wider audiences. After all the the work that was put into Final Fantasy XIV, XV and of course VII Remake, we hope Square Enix finds a way to use those models and tell a classic story in a brand new way. There hasn’t been anything new with the original in a number of years which means it’s ready for a remake from the ground up. It doesn’t seem like Final Fantasy will ever be finalized which makes this a possible game to develop.

Chrono Trigger (Square)

Easily one of the most beloved Super Nintendo titles, Chrono Trigger fans have been anxiously waiting for a return to the series. There have been ports for various platforms in the last few years but with nothing new since the PlayStation release of Chrono Cross over twenty years ago, working on a remake of the original would be an excellent title to look forward to. What if they add a whole open-world to the environment, perhaps like Breath of the Wild, for each era you time travel? It would be thrilling to explore and seeing even the smallest details change through the ages would be rewarding to see. The story and characters would remain the same but combat would have to change a bit to reflect the open-world. Surely Square Enix could give us something after all this time even if it’s not on a huge scale.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Square)

Regarded as one of the best games of all time, Super Mario RPG showed how great a non-Nintendo developed title could be. It was the first time Mario was thrown into the RPG genre which has since spawned many iterations from Paper Mario to Mairo & Luigi to the most recent, Mario + Rabbids. Seeing a remake of Super Mario RPG would mean using versions of characters from today while giving Mallow, Geno, Smithy and others an upgraded design. It would have to borrow mechanics from the newer RPG titles while maintaining its charm. While it always seems like a longshot for Square Enix and Nintendo to work on something new regarding Super Mario RPG or everyone’s favorite puppet, Geno, there’s always hope something comes along. Whether a remake or something else we are all anxiously waiting.

Soul Blazer (Enix)

Soul Blazer
is another good throwback to the Super Nintendo. This title was one of Enix’s best and became a staple of the company. Having a remake of this epic quest in full 3D would be a great nostalgic trip. One of its main features involved several enemies spawning one right after another. Perhaps involving a bit of Dynasty Warrior combat would be an interesting way of fighting back. Adding in all the possible new magic and sword abilities to customize your attacks would increase the enjoyment. Finally, throwing in more boss fights and giving it a Dark Souls vibe offers challenge. Putting all these newer game ideas together into the Soul Blazer world creates an interesting remake.

Bust A Groove (Enix)

Whether dancing or fighting, it’s all one big choreographed act. That is what makes combining them in Bust A Groove such a unique title. It was originally released for the PlayStation in 1998 and had a couple of sequels but there has been nothing from the series in decades. With advancements in VR now is the perfect time for a remake. If Space Channel 5 can have a VR version then Bust A Groove can too. Switching things up with fresh new moves and tracks would be a must. Though the market for a game that mixes combat and rhythm may be slim, surely it would attract attention if a remake is announced (though Crypt of the Necrodancer gave us something fresh with the mixed genres). Fans of the original would boogie on over to check it out.

Square Enix have released many titles over the years whether separately or together. What are some games of old that you wish to receive a remake? Share your suggestions below even if they’re not about Square Enix!