Movie Video Games that Could be Remastered

We all know about video games based on movies aren’t usually any good. But sometimes there are some average and even great titles whenever a video game tie-in is released to coincide with a film. Ghostbusters: The Video Game released in 2009 as a spin-off and was received fairly well, enough so for a remastered version to launch in October. Since that is happening we figured some other old games based on films could use a remastering. There are plenty out there and some even come from classic franchises!

The Addams Family

The most famous fictional family is overdue for a video game. The last time one was released it was on the Game Boy Color in 2001. Now, with the upcoming animated film it could be a good time for one of the titles to make a comeback. You could always remaster the first game, Fester’s Quest or the titular The Addams Family. Throw in some new features that will be found in the film and it’ll fit right in. And since the movie is computer animated, copying that style for a game makes a lot of sense. Yes, there is a mobile game titled The Addams Family: Mystery Mansion but it’s not the same intense platforming we want! It just seems The Addams Family are in need of a new video game and a remaster would definitely be a snap!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This one is sort of multi-layered as it is an arcade game based on a movie that happens to be good. Not many can pull that off but Terminator 2: Judgment Day is still a top notch shooter to this day. Unfortunately, arcades are sort of on the way out which means this title and others like it are going to be rare. The first-person view and mounted gun of the arcade cabinet making a transition into virtual reality make a lot of sense, though. Strapping in to shoot down cyborgs makes you feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Also, a remaster of this game launching or announced in time with Terminator: Dark Fate makes it a double whammy. It would be great to say, “hasta la vista,” to the old game once a remaster is made.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia
was a technical advancement way ahead of its time. And years later with the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in 2003, it paved the way for even more video games. The title is considered to be far greater than the movie it’s based on and we think it’s time for a comeback. It’s been a few years since anything in the series was released, excluding the endless runner mobile game. Plus, 1993’s The Shadow and the Flame was remastered in 2013. With one title already getting a remaster let’s keep going. It could even help give the films a boost so we can see Prince of Persia back on the big screen.

The Mask

There were some sssmokin’ movies back in the 90s but this Jim Carrey film was on another level. The Mask was huge at the box office and received an animated series and video game simply titled, The Mask. It was praised quite a bit by staying true to its cartoony ideas. There hasn’t been anything Mask related to come out in a couple of years so why not have this funky platformer make a comeback? We’ve seen plenty of titles remastered recently and basing one off a beloved movie just fits. Both the movie and game were huge successes and seeing some sort of return is a great idea. Somebody just has to stop them!

Top Gun

Take one more ride into the danger zone! Top Gun games have been in the making since 1986 and they are more varied than expected which is great to keep things from getting stale. But some were tough to beat. With Top Gun: Maverick hitting theaters next year, however, of course it’s the perfect time for a remastering of the first or any title. Especially taking from today’s technology and the advancements made by games like Ace Combat, everything will look and feel exciting. Throw in some cutscenes featuring Goose, Maverick, Iceman and other characters just to keep it interesting. You could even have volleyball minigames!

Everything here hits the nostalgia bone and it would be great to get something new. Also, we can all agree there are plenty of video games out there based on films that could be included. Share some of your favorites in the comments!