Ten Games with Milestone Anniversaries in 2019

New video games are fun and sometimes the sheer announcement or teaser of a new game is enough to get fans excited, but classic games can be just as entertaining despite being so out of date. 2019 is set to mark important anniversaries for a number of popular titles. Perhaps hitting such a big number is enough to bring us some sort of revival or sequel, but we’ll probably have to wait months before hearing anything. And since there has yet to be anything announced from the following, this list will help could possibly tease what is yet to come. Take a look at some iconic games celebrating big in the new year.

Super Mario Land — 30 years old (April 21, 1989)

We start things off with an absolute legend in Mario. This Game Boy title was successful in selling over eighteen million copies thanks to being portable and dropping Mario into a new land. We got to see some unique enemies and features including vehicles. It’s here where we also meet Princess Daisy for the first time. If there happens to be a remake or some sort of sequel to Super Mario Land in 2019, perhaps we’ll get to actually play as Daisy on her own adventures or at least switch back and forth between her and Mario. After the success of Super Mario Odyssey, it’s something to think about.

Populous — 30 years old (June 5, 1989)

Seeing yourself as a god-like figure is the point of Populous. You got to control the world in order for your followers to thrive. The game won several awards upon its release and is considered one of the best PC games ever created. In the time since, there have been a number of sequels and spin-offs to check out, but there has not been a new iteration since 2007 on the Nintendo DS. With Populous celebrating its 30th anniversary there may be cause for a comeback. Hopefully creator Peter Molyneux has been thinking up something new.

Mother — 30 years old (July 27, 1989)

has been popular ever since its release on the SNES but let’s take it back further to EarthBound Beginnings which is known as Mother in Japan. Exploring towns as a young boy and his friends with unique abilities all while beating down some odd enemies is guaranteed to be a success. Mother paved the way for great storytelling and quirkiness to exist together. Since 2019 will be the series’ 30th anniversary, it could be perfect timing to get the long-awaited Mother 4. Though it seems unlikely to happen, it would give Nintendo a strong Switch push into the new year.

Darkstalkers — 25 years old (June 30, 1994)

Fighting games hold a lot of value in the video game world. Darkstalkers hit arcades in the mid-90s before making its way to consoles with both versions receiving a high amount of praise. This title was essential to Capcom’s line-up and it would be fantastic to see something new in the coming year. A number of classic characters came from the games and seeing them pop up nowadays in crossovers isn’t enough. The last Darkstalkers release was a remake in 2013 which sold well. So we’re due for another installment and fans will be excited!

Pokémon Snap — 20 years old (March 21, 1999)

Pokémon Snap
 has been talked about a lot in the last few years. During the Wii and Wii U reign it seemed like we could have gotten something new, but it was only a re-release. Fans who grew up playing the N64 title surely miss strolling through areas trying to take the best pictures possible. That is why 2019 could be a great opportunity for something new, whether a spin-off or sequel. The Switch’s Nintendo Labo support could even make it more enjoyable. The whole connection with Pokémon GO and Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee could give rise to other games taking on a hybrid style of gameplay. 2019 could turn out huge for Pokémon not only with the next generation of the series but perhaps a new Pokémon Snap. We can only hope!

Ape Escape — 20 years old (May 31, 1999)

With all these PlayStation stars such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro getting high-quality remasters, perhaps we can expect more in 2019. Ape Escape released twenty years ago to high praise. On a mission to capture as many monkeys as possible, it was a title that could appeal to almost anyone and still be fun. The last appearance of any Ape Escape title came in 2011 which forced you to use the PlayStation Move feature. Since it’s been quite awhile and we haven’t heard a peep, so let’s hope there is something big in the works for this beloved title.

Chrono Cross– 20 years old (November 18, 1999)

Iconic RPG titles have been aplenty in the past twenty years, but many would consider Chrono Cross to be an absolute masterpiece. It released on the PlayStation as a sequel to Chrono Trigger while earning perfect scores from various outlets. The plot, battle system and other aspects were all given high praise which makes celebrating its anniversary all the more special. A long-awaited follow-up to this title would be perfect in 2019. Perhaps there were plans for something just a couple of years after its release, but eventually had to be cancelled. Sony has a lot of titles in the works for the new year, but adding the Chrono series to the mix would make their list hard to compete against.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door — 15 years old (July 22, 2004)

Mario makes his second appearance on this list but it’s for a good reason. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was a spectacularly huge hit for the GameCube. The cast of colorful characters, interesting environments and other features gave the title a huge fan-base. And sure, we had some sequels released on Wii and Wii U, but many believe they didn’t live up to the same hype. That’s why a re-release on the Switch, a special remake with added content, or a direct sequel could push Paper Mario further. Anything involving The Thousand-Year Door will surely be as big of a hit if not bigger!

MadWorld — 10 years old (March 10, 2009)

There was a bit of controversy a decade ago when MadWorld released on the Nintendo Wii. Its violent nature didn’t seem to mesh well with ratings groups but it still found much success. Unique visuals and fun mechanics made it a rare exclusive for the console. A sequel of sorts was released in 2013, but it wasn’t enough to feel special. It would be killer to see gory combat on the go and in handheld mode or perhaps touchscreen features mixed in can get fun on the Switch. With so many more mature titles available on the Nintendo console, such as Wolfenstein and Doom, there can be room for a MadWorld comeback.

Shovel Knight — 5 years old (June 26, 2014)

Shovel Knight
showed how successful a crowdfunded project can turn out. The throwback style of art and gameplay captured a lot of nostalgia. There have also been a number of updates since its release to introduce new playable characters and additional storylines. While there are plans for other projects in 2019, maybe a sequel could be in the works? Yacht Club Games has a lot of potential with the world they’ve created. Seeing Shovel Knight in a brand new perspective like entirely 3D would be awesome. It may be unlikely, but we would dig it!

There are many video games that have been released over the decades. Obviously, plenty of others are celebrating some big moments in 2019, but we couldn’t fit them all. Comment below with some of your all-time favorites you wish to see make a comeback in the new year.