The Five Best Runs From AGDQ 2015

Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 has just wrapped up, giving us a week of speedrunning greatness and generating well over a million dollars for charity in the process.Each time this event happens we see some incredible feats, but it seemed like nearly every run this year was worth watching. Unfortunately, unless you live in a cave that happens to have Internet access or you’re coming off of a recent double leg amputation, it is hard to carve out an entire week for watching other people play video games really well. With that in mind, here are the five runs you shouldn’t miss.

5: Mega Man (Race)

dxtr, coolkid, and adefgames

This one perhaps will not enthrall as many people as some of the other videos, but as a long time fan of Mega Man it was hard to resist throwing it in. This is not just a speedrun, but a race between three of the world’s best Mega Man players. It’s all well and good to keep trying over and over and upload your best run over the span of a couple weeks, but doing a single run in front of a bunch of people while competing against two others is something else entirely.

While many races were featured over the course of the week, this one stood out as the best. Two of the runs are almost perfect, and even the bronze winner puts up a solid effort. The difference between gold and silver is less than a second. This is the video game equivalent of a photo finish, and all three competitors give it their all.

#4: I wanna be the Boshy


If you haven’t played I wanna be the Boshy before, good. It is a dumb game that was made poorly and your time is better spent playing almost any other platformer. Its toughest difficulty is best described as “almost broken why the hell am I still playing this?” There are dozens of jumps that require pixel perfection and several bosses that can kill you regardless of your timing or skill level if luck turns against you. Somehow witwix breezes through the game with barely a backwards glance.

This is one of the few runs where the commentary is as good as the run itself, as witwix seems to be just barely holding in a genuine hatred for the game. He might have tamed the lion, but you can tell it mauled him a time or two (or hundred) along the way. The best part is that both he and some of the friends behind him are donating between $10 and $20 per death, so when some rooms have them shelling out hundreds of dollars in a couple of seconds, you get to see some serious panic on their faces.

#3: Yoshi’s Island (Selected Levels Blindfolded)


Normal runs are fun and all, but where’s the challenge? Eyes are for chumps, and any gamer worth his salt can casually stroll through a game blindfolded without a problem. DavisKongCountry, having long since grown bored of seeing his runs, tackles three separate levels from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island with only muscle memory and sound cues to guide him.

The run itself is impressive and the levels he plays through are certainly not among the easier ones in the game. He stumbles a couple of times on the final challenge level, but some gamers might have trouble making their way through it with full use of their eyes. I mean, is there anything more impressive than moving a character you can’t see around obstacles on a 2D plane?

#2: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Childhood Dungeons Blindfolded)


Runnerguy2489 sees your handful of 2D levels and raises you the entire first half of a 3D game. How fast do you think you can complete the first three dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Because I can almost guarantee it isn’t as fast as this guy who does them all blindfolded. If the Yoshi’s Island run was impressive, this one is almost unbelievable. It’s almost disgusting that this guy uses his incredible spatial memory to beat children’s games rather than fight crime.

He isn’t just making his way through the dungeons either. He makes great time on the overworld, pulling out some insane tricks that I’m not sure I could do with two extra pairs of eyes. There are plenty of restarts when he misses something and can tell he made a wrong turn, but I feel like we have to give this guy the occasional mulligan for the hour and a half of total mastery he displays.

#1: Tetris: The Grandmaster exhibition

 Qlex and friends

The only caveat I have about these Tetris videos is I’m not entirely convinced that the people playing are human – which would make their performances a bit less impressive. But even if these are Tetris machines built solely for the purpose of impressing humans with their Tetris tricks, this is still worth watching.

The link above shows the entire Tetris block of AGDQ, and every minute impresses. The reflexes of these top Tetris players are unreal – by the time I’ve processed what they’ve done two moves ago they’re already thinking three ahead. The peak of the run comes when KevinDDR absolutely crushes master mode without even breaking a sweat. Did I mention that the blocks turn invisible? Because they do and not even that stops him. The crowd gives him a standing ovation at the end, and he earns it.