Top 5 Games That Could Use the Technological Touch

From Mario Kart 8’s introduction of anti-gravity to Call of Duty’s: Advanced Warfare’s game-changing exoskeletons, 2014’s games have thrived on futurism. Those two titles especially benefited from their respective technological leaps, so what other games might enjoy a similar futuristic booster shot? Read on, brave gamer, for you’re about to find out.

Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon has been around for ages now, and Natsume’s flagship farming game isn’t getting any greener. Try as it might to reinvent itself on new hardware, what the series really needs is a new plot of futuristic land to sink its roots into. Innocent Life’s buggy was just the beginning: think bio-engineered crops, weather machines, and robotic farm hands. Imagine all the corn you could grow! Your farm will practically run itself, which will come in handy when NASA recruits you to save the ailing earth with the power of love.

Resident Evil


Seriously, how long has the T-Virus been loose in the world? Whatever we’ve been trying up until now clearly hasn’t gotten the job done, so perhaps it’s time we took some more creative measures. The obvious step is to funnel every last cent of our tax dollars into time machine development so we can travel back and stop Umbrella from even developing the virus in the first place. Albert Wesker will be so much more believable a villain when he’s cooking the books and dodging taxes instead of turning himself into a superhuman mutant.



Here at Hardcore Gamer we’ve caught em’ all more times than we can count, but isn’t it a little strange that we’re still using the same old balls to do it? You’d think brilliant Professors like Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, and Sycamore would have perfected the system by now, or at least developed a more reliable control method than holding B and rotating the D-pad rapidly (which totally works, I swear). Some day we’ll be able to venture into tall grass with a pocket full of laser-powered Master Balls, amassing an army of Pokémon on a relentless quest for world domination – a quest that will inevitably cut short by a plucky kid from some small town in the boonies with something to prove. Yeah, that sounds nice.



Everyone loves a good kickabout in FIFA, but it’s hard to argue that the series’ balls have gone a bit flat as of late. With Pro Evolution Soccer back on the field after a spell on the bench, EA will no doubt be seeking to bulk up FIFA’s appeal for 2015. What better way than introducing bionic legs and cyborg goalkeepers? Imagine the athleticism, spectacle, and possibilities that would follow: Cyber Messi now has a six foot vertical leap that makes him the irrefutable king of soccer; meanwhile, Luis Suarez forgoes lower body enhancements in favor of titanium jaws. Now there’s a soccer game for the whole family.



To be honest, we’re not even sure if the futuristic treatment is really what Driveclub needs. Would it really be any better if it had awesome hover cars and inter-galactic race courses? Actually yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Maybe even cool enough to look past the underlying game being terrible and riddled with serious online issues. Driveclub is probably unfixable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t distract us with flashy tech. Flashy fictional tech, that is – the flashy graphics tech didn’t do much.