Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Treasure Guide (Chapters 12-22)

One of the biggest games to hit the PlayStation 4 is finally upon us, and in it are a bunch of little treasures to find in order to purchase extras, including skins and cheats. We have created a guide to give you a good idea where to find each of the 109 treasures, and this article will serve as the final eleven chapters (roughly half of them). If you’re looking for the first eleven chapters, be sure to head over here.

Chapter 12: At Sea

* Island 1 is the first island with the tower. Island 2 is the main one where you spend the majority of the chapter on.

Treasure 01: On the reverse of island 2, there’s a small beach you can land on and collect the first piece of treasure between destroyed boxes and barrels.

Treasure 02: Going further past island 2 there will be a small island with a ship that’s under the water. Dive under and in the second level you’ll find it.

Treasure 03: On island 1, near a beach that’s overlooked by the tower, there will be a large rock with two palm trees. Under this rock is where you’re looking.

Treasure 04: On the same beach, go around the corner and take a right to find a small cave.

Treasure 05: On the side of island 1 (opposite of where you start) there’s a very small beach which will lead to a piece of treasure.

Treasure 06: This one is creative. On the eastern side of island 2 where there are two properly shaped openings. Stop your boat next to platform, and climb all the way up.

Treasure 07: Moving forward with the story, when you make your way past the climbing section to get onto island 2, take a right to a small path to find something on the right side.

Treasure 08: After getting separated from Sam for a second, make your way until you have to jump across the gap. Instead of going left, head right and around the corner is where you’re going.

Treasure 09: When you come across another tower, instead of climbing up, go into the front door to find a treasure on the barrel.

Treasure 10: Shortly after treasure 9, make the jump across the gap and instead of sliding down, look to the left and shimmy over to your reward.

Treasure 11: When you slide down, instead of taking a right and jumping downward, head left and you’ll climb a couple of small hand grips before you see the sea in the distance. There will also be a grappling point. Just jump across and grab the strange artifact.

Treasure 12: Now that you’re halfway down, jump and grapple onto the statue. Instead of heading down, head up and swing to the statue that is holding you up.

Treasure 13: In the second (closest to where you’re going) door, you’ll see the treasure across the water. Hug the wall all the way around, dropping into the water and climbing up to grab it.


Chapter 13: Marooned

Treasure 01: After your short rest and when you see a whole bunch of choices where to go, climb the wall and around the corner an artifact will be sitting on a ledge.

Treasure 02: After using your grappling hook and going into an open cave, a mug will be found around the corner, behind a rock.

Treasure 03: When you begin crouching in water that is close to waist high, you should see some barrels in the corner of the cave. It will be located there.

Treasure 04: Finding the deceased man, instead of heading right and up, head left into the darkness to find this one.

Treasure 05: After meeting Sam and crawling through ruble, go down a small opening and take a right. You will go down slightly and have to duck under the floor. Keep going forward to find the final one of the chapter.


Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise

Treasure 01: Right from the beginning, don’t go down. Take a right and climb up and go all the way to the cart.

Treasure 02: Upon taking a right and seeing the lovely volumetric fog in the distance, head towards and take a left in the house. Take another immediate left to the back of the store to find a nice vase.

Treasure 03: In the prison you’ll see a twinkle in one of the cells. Go to the cell left of it and crawl through the conveniently open hole.

Treasure 04: Climbing up a ladder after seeing the hideout, instead of going left, go right to find an item at the end.

Treasure 05: After the fight with Shoreline, you’ll go down and find a journal entry. Move into the next room and take a 1080 and climb up on the wall to find a treasure just sitting on an edge.

Treasure 06: When you get a good look at a building in the distance, look to the right where there’s a grappling point. Swing across there to a damage house and grab the knife.

Treasure 07: After swinging across a gap, scuffle your way to the left and grab the treasure on the table.

Treasure 08: Upon finding a set of fancy stairs, take a right upwards and jump across the gap to find a vase on the table. Where Nate keeps all these vases is beyond me.

Treasure 09: With all the barricades, on the right side of things way near the end, there will be a pipe on a downed chair (next to optional dialogue)


Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

Treasure 01: Only one here because this is an action-heavy section. From the beginning, head left, then look right where the shelf is face down on another. Crawl under this shelf to find the only treasure here.


Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake

Treasure 01: From the beginning, head up to the right and there will be a nice garden. To the left of it will be a bench holding a toy.

Treasure 02: Getting into the mansion with all of the cool items, head up a set of stairs to find yet another toy.

Treasure 03: When you need to climb up and shimmy your way to an air-duct, right when you get up, look at the opposite direction and jump across to the ledge. You’ll find a snow globe on the couch.


Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

Treasure 01: When you get some elevation and an optional piece of dialogue, there will be a piece of treasure on the edge to the left.

Treasure 02: Getting up from the elevator, turn around and go down a broken staircase which is conveniently next to where you were going until the bridge collapsed.

Treasure 03: After Elena breaks the wall down with the jeep, climb up to find the box. Instead of going right for the box, head outside onto the deck to find vase on a box.

Treasure 04: After a tense vertical fight, instead of getting back into the jeep, go around the corner to the right.

Treasure 05: This one is slightly harder to find. Just look out for the small ladder on the rock wall. There will be a house in the back, and behind it will be a strange container.

Treasure 06: Finding another elevator, go behind the waterwheel, climb up and get around to where the wheel is rotating. It is located on the contraption.


Chapter 18: New Devon

Treasure 01: With the giant locked door at your back, head all the way over to the right in the corner of the area to find the first of chapter 18.

Treasure 02: When climbing up, instead of jumping towards the wall, head to the right to find a knife in a cage.

Treasure 03: When you get down, get out of the cold water and looking at the first image below, do a complete 180 to find the item on the ledge in the corner.

Treasure 04: When you spot the hanged woman, go across the water and follow hug the wall until you reach near the waterfall.

Treasure 05: Getting back into the water, this one is in the corner near the windows.

Treasure 06: When entering the house, instead of going into the doors to the left, head to the end of the corridor and around the couch.

Treasure 07: When you see the cannons, look around the corner to the right.

Treasure 08: Finding Sam’s lighter, go up the spiraling staircase and grab the fine dish overlooking the room.


Chapter 19: Avery’s Descent

Treasure 01: Finding the non-exploding tied up skeleton, head down to the left instead of the right.

Treasure 02: Finding the two figureheads (one with a skull), like the first treasure, head left instead of right, then hook another right.


Chapter 20: No Escape

Treasure 01: This one is really tricky because this part has little lighting. Near the beginning of the level when you make your way to the grappling point, climb up, and instead of grappling, turn left and you’ll see a spot in which you can use your pick. Jump across and climb up.

Treasure 02: After getting chased by the truck, head down a set of stairs and do a 180 to the furthest house. It will be located to the left on a shelf.

Treasure 03: When you see a little house on the water, go under it and climb up. It will be located on a table.

Treasure 04: After separating from Sam, move forward and you’ll find a house on the right. Go up the stairs to find treasure 4.

Treasure 05: Instead of pushing the cart, do a 180 from the first screenshot below and there will be an opening in the corner of a house. This is where the last one is located.


Chapter 21: Brother’s Keeper

Treasure 01: When you come across a hut to the right and a grappling point, grapple and swing, but jump forward to where you’re supposed to go. Turn around while swinging and jump up onto a ledge you may have not seen at first.

Treasure 02: Coming across some water and a wall with a lot of grappling pick opportunities, head completely forward from where you entered to find a treasure in a basket.

Treasure 03: This one was one of the trickiest and well rewarded. When you drop down with the rope, instead of jumping to the wall that you can use the pick on, look right and you’ll see a small indent in the wall that you can grapple to. Get in there and find a bit of nostalgia.

Treasure 04: When you’re at the bottom, your objective is to go under water to advance the story. Instead, head to the right and enter a small cavern and grab the final one of Brother’s Keep.


Chapter 22: A Thief’s End

Treasure 01: Here we are, the final one. After seeing the ship explode, go to the right (at least of where the first screenshot shows) and underwater in a small cave with no air you will find the final treasure!


Congratulations! You now have all 109 treasures in the game. Enjoy the trophy and knowledge you searched the entire game for every little bit.


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