Who is Organization XIII, What are their Goals in Kingdom Hearts?

Organization XIII, also referred to as just the Organization, are the central group of antagonists in the Kingdom Hearts timeline. Donning black robes, these men and women travel across the worlds in search of Kingdom Hearts. The Organization first appeared in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix where Xemnas showed up in Hollow Bastion to test Sora. Director Tetsuya Nomura also teased Roxas during the game’s secret ending.

The Organization would make its first full appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Since then, Organization XIII has shown up to cause headaches for Sora and company in nearly every subsequent game. It’s important to know, however, that there are two different Organization XIIIs.

There’s the Original Organization XIII and then there’s the Real Organization XIII. Despite sharing a name, both Organizations served different purposes. Therefore, to understand Master Xehanort’s goal in Kingdom Hearts III, we must first understand these different Organizations and their goals.

Beware of spoilers for all Kingdom Hearts games, including Kingdom Hearts III.

Original Organization XIII

The original Organization rose up shortly after Xehanort convinced Ansem’s apprentices to give up their hearts and become Nobodies. They plus Xemnas became the original six members of Organization XIII. From there, they would recruit an additional two members from Radiant Garden, three from an unknown origin, and finally Roxas, Sora’s Nobody. A fourteenth member, Xion, briefly joined. Xion, however, is not considered a proper member as she is a Replica.

To create a closer bond with Xehanort’s obsession, the X-Blade, each member’s name was rearranged with an X included.

  1. Xemnas
  2. Xigbar
  3. Xaldin
  4. Leaxues
  5. Vexen
  6. Zexion
  7. Saix
  8. Axel
  9. Demyx
  10. Luxord
  11. Marluxia
  12. Larxene
  13. Roxas

Master Xehanort tasked Xemnas to find thirteen individuals to fill out the ranks of an organization. Xemnas used the promise of regaining their hearts to entice them to join Organization XIII. To regain their hearts, Xemnas argued, they’d need to complete Kingdom Hearts. The members scoured the worlds to collect hearts, which is how they discovered the Keyblade wielder known as Sora.

They would then manipulate his Nobody, Roxas, into joining their ranks. They, however, desired a puppet who could use the Keyblade, but not question the group’s motives. This gave birth to Xion who eventually fell to Roxas.

Ultimately, Sora, Riku and Axel wiped out the the entirety of the original Organization XIII throughout the events of Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. We’d later find out, however, this was all part of Master Xehanort’s plans.

The Real Organization XIII

The real Organization made its debut in Dream Drop Distance where Young Xehanort revealed its true intentions. The goal was to find thirteen individuals that could become vessels for Master Xehanort’s heart. With Sora and Riku’s help, the Organization’s ranks were purged of the unworthy members. The chosen thirteen are mainly past incarnations of Xehanort with a spattering of original Organization members.

Below is every member of the real Organization XIII based on official reveals from Square Enix:

  1. Master Xehanort
  2. Xemnas
  3. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  4. Young Xehanort
  5. Vanitas
  6. Xigbar
  7. Saix
  8. Luxord
  9. Marluxia
  10. Larxene
  11. Dark Riku
  12. Terra-Xehanort
  13. ???

Master Xehanort’s obsession with recreating the Keyblade War to summon Kingdom Hearts requires the X-Blade. An ancient Keyblade with untold power, the X-Blade can only be forged when thirteen darknesses clash with seven lights. Forcing it to forge any other way does not work, something that was evidenced in Birth By Sleep. During the events of that game, Xehanort attempted to force its creation through Ventus and Vanitas.

Organization XIII’s one and only goal has always been to provide Xehanort with his thirteen darknesses. In conclusion, only through clashing with light at the Keyblade Graveyard can Master Xehanort get his hands on the X-Blade and with it, the ultimate prize: Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.