Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | All Spider-Bot Locations

The friendly neighborhood webslinger is back once more in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and with it comes a bevy of world building nuggets to find. Insomniac Games has created a massive open world to explore, from snapping pictures of iconic locations to chasing down robotic flying birds. There’s so much to do in the open world with some that need guidance.

One of the collectibles you will be incentivized to find are Spider-Bots, little spider robots scattered across New York City that represent some of the best Spider-Man universes. There are a staggering 42 to be found throughout the city, and we have the location of every one neatly packaged in this one article.

This is one of the few collectibles that the game doesn’t show you where they are directly on your map, but instead have to look for little beacons while swinging through the world (or unlocking a special skill later into the campaign).


Harlem – 3


Upper West Side – 3


Central Park – 2


Upper East Side – 3


Hell’s Kitchen – 4


Greenwich – 3


Midtown – 3


Chinatown – 3


Financial District – 2


Astoria – 4


Downtown Queens – 3


Little Odessa – 3


Williamsburg – 2


Downtown Brooklyn – 4



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