Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | How to Unlock Miles Morales’ City Sounds Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a wide array of suits to unlock for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. While the majority are unlocked through leveling up and spending resources, there are a handful that require you to complete side activities. The City Sounds suit for Miles is one such suit.

To unlock this suit you’ll need to complete the ‘Cultural Museum’ side story. Starring Miles, this short side story sees the young Spider-Man swinging across Harlem to reclaim stolen instruments and help his district reclaim its heritage. The side stories are denoted by a yellow trumpet.

Where to find the Cultural Museum Missions

The Cultural Museum side story unlocks during the main campaign. During the campaign, Miles will be asked to check-in on an upcoming museum whose security system has appeared to go down. Of course, in typical Spider-Man fashion, the museum is actually being robbed at that very moment. Though putting up a valiant effort and Miles isn’t able to save every instrument. This serves as the catalyst for the side story. A bit later, Miles will be contacted by his mother Rio to meet her in Harlem, kicking off the side story.

The side story is quite short, lasting only two missions. Both of these can be found in Harlem:

  • Bebop – Top-right side of Harlem
  • Hard Bop – Top-left side of Harlem

Embracing heritage and unlocking the City Sounds Suit

After collecting the lost instruments and capturing the perpetrator, players will be transported to the Cultural Museum. While there, you’ll get a chance to explore the various pieces, learn some history and interact with various characters in Miles’ life. Be warned, this will be your only opportunity to explore the museum.

To end the mission you’ll need to talk to Rio at the back of the museum and watch a cutscene. After that you’ll be transported back into the city with the City Sounds suit unlocked.

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