Persona 5 Tactica: School Kingdom Quest Walkthrough

By now, players should be used to how things go in Persona 5 Tactica. A new kingdom means new quests, and as such, we’ve prepared this guide for anyone that needs it. Keeping the Phantom Thieves up to date is going to be more important now than it ever was before, so be sure to upgrade everyone as much as possible before taking this batch on.

School Kingdom Quests Rewards
Ability to fuse the Black Frost persona.

The rules for this guide are the same as those for Marie’s and Yoshiki’s kingdoms: Normal difficulty is assumed here. Those playing on higher difficulties will likely encounter beefier and more aggressive enemies, which will transform these steps into a mere framework rather than a recipe for certain victory.

Once again, directions are given relative to the party’s starting location and not to the characters themselves. Also, feel free to substitute any other character(s) for the optional character(s) used here for each quest. Almost anyone can work well in the optional slot.

* Note: Just as with Marie’s Kingdom and Yoshiki’s Kingdom, players will need to make sure to have been continually fusing higher-level personas, unlocking skills, and upgrading their weapons before arriving here. These quests get much harder if the Phantom Thieves aren’t in fighting shape.

Quest #10: A Balancing Axe

Persona 5 Tactica - Quest 10

Objective: Defeat all enemies within four turns.
Optional party member: Morgana (for his high movement range)

*Note: This one is pretty straight-forward, but having AoE persona abilities will make it go more smoothly.

  1. Shoot the brute legionnaire with Haru.
  2. Shoot it again with Morgana for a One More.
  3. Move Morgana to stand at the corner of the cube (one square away from the low barrier that the smaller legionnaires are all crouched behind).
  4. Have him hit them with Magaru.
  5. Hit them again with Yusuke’s Mabufula.
  6. There might be one left yet, but that’s okay since it should be frozen thanks to Mabufula. Move Yusuke down the ladder and melee the drummer enemy towards the two legionnaires in high cover.
  7. Shoot the low-health legionnaire up top with Haru. She should get a One More.
  8. Move her to stand next to Morgana and use Psio on the remaining legionnaire.
  9. Shoot it with Morgana. He should get a One More. Move him to the edge of the upper area, overlooking the drummer and two legionnaires in high cover. Don’t use his attack yet.
  10. With Yusuke, use a melee strike on the nearest legionnaire. This will knock them both out of cover and expose them to Morgana.
  11. Shoot one with Morgana, then the other for consecutive One Mores. At least one should be killed outright.
  12. Finish the turn by shooting the drummer enemy.
  13. Kill the last legionnaire with a melee strike from Yusuke and finish the quest.

Quest #11: Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret

Persona 5 Tactica - Quest 11

Objective: Reach the target with the entire party.
Party: Joker, Morgana and Yusuke

*Note: Since the goal is just to reach the target, it’s best to bring the characters with the greatest movement ranges.

  1. Move the character on the right side of the map (Joker in this case) to stand on the button on the blue platform.
  2. Move the character on the left side of the map (Morgana this time) across the now-raised blue platform.
  3. Move the character in the middle of the map (Yusuke in this party) to stand on the red platform’s button.
  4. Raise Joker’s blue platform, then move him forward to his own red platform.
  5. Raise Yusuke’s red platform again and have him stand behind the tall block on the left.
  6. Make sure Morgana is in cover too (between the two tall blocks is good). Have Joker stand on the square to the left of the red platform button though (This will make sure that the button on nearest blue platform will be in range next turn). End the turn here.
  7. Move Morgana across the red platform and into cover on the other side.
  8. Move Yusuke across the red platform and put him behind cover behind the block closest to that platform.
  9. Target any available exposed enemies and shoot for a One More. There should be one near Joker.
  10. Step on the nearest blue button with Yusuke to raise the blue platform in front of Joker.
  11. Move Joker onto the platform (standing next to the edge) and then lower it again with Yusuke. End the turn here. (An umbrella enemy will appear and block Joker’s route to the goal after this.)
  12. Raise the blue platform again with Yusuke and then run across with Joker.
  13. Move Yusuke to stand next to the block near the goal-side of the blue platform, and move Morgana to stand behind that same block.
  14. Shoot the umbrella enemy with Yusuke for a One More.
  15. Move him into the goal and launch a Triple Threat Attack.
  16. Finish the enemy off with Morgana if it isn’t already dead.
  17. Move Joker through the path and into cover on the other side, then end the turn.
  18. Move Joker and Morgana into the goal and bring this quest to an end.

Quest #12: Learning From a Pro

Persona 5 Tactica - Quest 12

Objective: Eliminate all enemies in one turn.
Optional party member: Yusuke (anyone is fine this time, though).

*Note: Only Joker will have freedom of movement here, so most of what Erina and Yusuke will be doing is moving platforms for him. The main idea is to keep giving Joker One Mores so that he can reach the high point on the other side of the map.

  1. Move Joker onto the red platform in front of him.
  2. Raise it with Erina.
  3. Move Joker onto the blue platform.
  4. Lower the red platform with Erina to expose the legionnaire standing there.
  5. Knock it down towards Erina with Joker.
  6. Move Joker onto the next blue platform and shoot the currently exposed legionnaire.
  7. Move him forward off of the platform, then lower it with Yusuke. Also, raise the red platform with Erina. Move Joker across it to stand on the other side of that red platform.
  8. Lower the blue platform again with Yusuke.
  9. Continue moving Joker forward to the edge of his range, then shoot the now exposed enemy on the blue platform.
  10. Move him forward across the currently raised blue platform, then lower it with Yusuke.
  11. Shove the now-exposed legionnaire towards the center of the map. Move Joker forward to the edge of his range.
  12. Raise the red platform with Erina, then have Joker shove the legionnaire standing on it into the one in cover in front of the high platform.
  13. Shoot the now-exposed legionnaire with Joker and then raise the next red platform with Erina. Also, raise the next blue platform with Yusuke.
  14. With Joker, shove the legionnaire standing on the red platform into the other one in cover in front of the raised platform.
  15. Move Joker to stand on top of the raised platform. Have him stand all the way at its back and one square away from the right edge.
  16. Have Yusuke stand as far to the right as possible (but still on his blue platform) and have Erina stand as far to the left as she can. It might take some tweaking, but all enemies should be in the Triple Threat Attack area or at least touching it enough to be affected.
  17. Launch the attack and finish the quest!

Now that this batch of quests has been fulfilled, Joker and the gang should be mere steps away from fully conquering the School Kingdom. Be sure to make good use of all the experience and new personas gained here to upgrade the Phantom Thieves’ capabilities and then join us in the next and final kingdom of Persona 5 Tactica.

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