Starfield | Does it Run on Steam Deck?

The short answer is Yes, Starfield will run on Steam Deck. Let’s dive in further.

Exploring Starfield on the Steam Deck is an exciting prospect for gamers, as it’s confirmed that the game can run on this handheld device.

The catch is that the Steam Deck may run the game, but with subpar performance. Expect issues in large open areas, longer loading times, and uncertain optimization solutions. Players may eventually figure out optimal specs, but the timeline remains unclear.

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Steam Deck Settings for Starfield (Recommendations)

For optimal Starfield performance on the Steam Deck, set everything to Low, use FSR 2 supersampling, and disable motion blur and film grain.

Understanding Steam Deck Compatibility for Starfield

Compatibility CategoryDescription
VerifiedSeamlessly optimized for flawless gameplay on Steam Deck.
PlayableRequires manual adjustments to ensure Steam Deck compatibility.
UnsupportedIncompatible with the Steam Deck platform.
UnknownYet to undergo testing for Steam Deck compatibility.

Starfield’s compatibility with the Steam Deck remains uncertain, leaving gamers eager to explore its vast open world in suspense.

The Steam Deck Compatibility program simplifies the assessment of how a game will perform on Steam Decks. Titles are categorized into four distinct groups: “Verified” denotes a game that runs seamlessly on the Steam Deck, while “Playable” implies that players may need to make manual adjustments for compatibility.

Games classified as “Unsupported” won’t function on the Steam Deck, and “Unknown” indicates that the game hasn’t undergone compatibility testing.

For more in-depth insights into each category, you can visit the official Steam Deck verified page, where Valve also maintains an updated list of the latest Steam games that have been tested and verified for compatibility.

Typically, a game’s Steam Deck compatibility can be found on its official Steam page under the Languages tab on the right side, with a “Learn more” button available if you need a refresher on the category meanings. Valve ensures prompt updates to Steam pages as soon as a game is assessed for compatibility.

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