Review: AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair

One of the key components to successfully living a largely sedentary life as a hardcore gamer is having a comfortable place in which to sit. There are several options available for this, from everything to ten dollar folding chairs to high end office furniture with price tags in the four figures. Most of us don’t need anything that extravagant but we deserve something better than a cheap folding chair. AndaSeat has several chairs between those two extremes of computer gaming chairs, ranging in different colors, materials and sizes. The T-Compact is their newest offering.

AndaSeat’s T-Compact is available in three different color configurations: black and grey, blue and black, and black. They all look good, personal preference is black since it seems to be the most universal but depending on office décor and personal taste in colors one of the other options might look better. The T-Compact is a bit smaller than some of the their other chairs. The recommended maximum height and weight for users is 200 cm or 6’5″ and 130kg/286 lbs, which covers a wide range of people but AndaSeat does produce chairs that are better suited for individuals that exceed those measurements.

The T-Compact gaming chair is similar to other chairs manufactured by AndaSeat. The T-Compact uses firm 60kg/m³ foam that conforms to the user’s body, making the chair comfortable and supportive while maintaining the integrity of the ergonomic shape. The height of the chair can be adjusted with class 4 hydraulic nitrogen pistons and its proprietary tilt mechanism can lock the chair into five different positions. The T-Compact can easily recline from 90 to 160 degrees. This chair comes with their standard H-shaped headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to provide spine and neck support. This particular chair uses linen fabric instead of PVC leatherette. The linen looks nice and is easy to clean. The linen fabric doesn’t ever feel sticky or too warm which is a definite plus when most of the time reviewing this chair was during the hot summer months.

AndaSeat chairs are built to be durable and as such they do have some heft to them. The box says they weight around 50 lbs. which seems accurate but transporting the chair isn’t too difficult once it’s assembled. Assembling the T-Compact is relatively easy. The provided instructions are straight forward and ten minutes is probably a good estimate for assembly time and I was able to assemble it myself without any assistance. Once it’s put together the user can just adjust the chair’s height to the preferred setting and get the armrests in place and then they are set to whittle away hours of the day in front of the PC, whether its an enjoyable marathon gaming session or a less enjoyable work from home situation.

Like the other AndaSeat chair’s reviewed the T-Compact is a great chair. The steel frame makes the chair feel sturdy and secure and after a month of regular use the memory foam has maintained its shape. Some of their chairs are PVC leatherette, some are linen, and the T-Compact is one of the linen ones. Both have their pros and cons. The leatherette ones look a bit more sophisticated but the linen ones seem to be a bit cooler temperature wise. One of the major points of considerations is pets. I am an owner of efficient killing machine hellspawns known as cats and despite all the scratching posts they have they tend to target chairs. The linen chairs are better at concealing pet damage than the PVC leatherette ones so that is a point to consider.


Closing Comments:

AndaSeat’s T-Compact is a comfortable and durable gaming chair. After using it regularly for about a month it has consistently provided comfort during long hours playing games or writing about games. It is an attractive chair with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable. The choice between linen and leatherette comes down to personal preference but the linen upholstery on the T-Company makes for a comfortable chair that is easy to keep clean, and for pet owners it holds up against cats better than leatherette but they are still likely to claim the chair as their own resting perch. Overall, this is a very easy gaming chair to recommend.