Review: AndaSeat Kaiser II Gaming Chair

Anyone who spends the majority of their waking hours in front of a monitor knows that a comfortable chair can make a world of difference. For short sessions a cheap folding chair will do, but having something that is designed to be comfortable with ergonomics in mind does make prolonged experiences more bearable. Plus having a decent-looking office chair does help make the gaming or workspace look more sophisticated. AndaSeat has been expanding their collection of available gaming chairs that take all those considerations in mind. The newest chair we’re going to look at is the AndaSeat Kaiser II.

The Kaiser II is available in either black or maroon with black accents. The recommended maximum height is 210 cm, so as long as you’re under seven feet tall, this chair should be of an adequate size and comfort. The recommended weight is under 150 kg/330 lbs, but aluminum base and steel framework can support up to 200 kg/440 lbs, though rocking in the chair is ill advised. The Kaiser II is designed to offer comfort and room to stretch out to a range of body types and sizes. I don’t reach the height or weight ceiling for the Kaiser, but I do take up a fair amount of space (179 cm/100 kg) and found the Kaiser II to be comfortable and spacious.

The Kaiser II gaming chair is comparable to other AndaSeat chairs. The chair can easily recline from 90 to 160 degrees using AndaSeat’s tilt mechanism and can lock into five different positions. The height can be adjusted with class 4 hydraulic nitrogen pistons. The Kaiser II has an ergonomic shape that helps conform to the user’s body with firm 60kg/m³ foam. As is standard with AndaSeat chairs, the removable large-sized H shaped headrest pillow and lumbar cushion provides spine and neck support. The smooth PVC leather looks sophisticated in either color, though if we had to pick the black looks more elegant between the two options. The material is comfortable and designed to be easy to clean. After a couple weeks of use the chair’s form has maintained its integrity and comfort.

The worst thing about most office furniture is the transport and assembly. This is the case with the Kaiser II, but it’s not that bad. The chair itself is around 50 lbs, or at least that’s what the shipping info says. The instructions are easy to follow and straight forward, and doing it by myself took about 10-15 minutes. Once it’s put together it’s easy to move the chair across the floor thanks to the wheels. Once assembled the user can adjust the chair’s height and the 4D armrest positions and they’re set to work from home or go on a marathon gaming session. The chair has a stainless steel frame that makes it feel sturdy and secure.

The Kaiser II shares many similarities with the other AndaSeat chairs we’ve covered, but they’re all a little different. The Kaiser II is faux leather, while some of their other chairs are linen. That difference mainly comes down to personal preference. Both materials are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but each have their pros and cons. The PVC leather is easier to clean and looks nicer, but if you’re a cat owner the chair will likely suffer pet damage over the course of its life which is more prominent with the PVC. Also, because these chairs are comfortable pets may also commandeer them from time to time. But animal concerns aside, the Kaiser II is well made and comfortable chair that is as functional as it is attractive.

Closing Comments:

The Kaiser II is a great computer chair that works well for extended time in front of the computer, whether being used for playing video games or toiling away at the day job to support the gaming habit. The Kaiser II is a large gaming chair, comparable to the T-Pro 2 Series except covered in PVC leather as opposed to linen. With its adjustable height, armrests and reclined angle, it’s easy to get it to the most comfortable settings for the individual. The appearance of the chair works in any environment and its high level of quality matches the other chairs from AndaSeat we’ve covered. Overall, the AndaSeat Kaiser II is a great gaming chair that’s worth considering for any home office or gaming area.

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