Review: HyperX Cloud Gaming PlayStation 4 Headset

The HyperX Cloud Gaming headsets seem to be a go-to favorite for players looking for quality at a great price. Featuring excellent comfort for long playtimes, everything that makes the Cloud Gaming headset great is getting some exclusive PlayStation 4 treatment. Recently, HyperX announced that it is making an exclusive Cloud Gaming headset for PlayStation 4 consoles and it’s available now. We got our hands on one to try out the comfort and appeal of this exclusive headset. Simplicity and comfort take center stage with this headset as it matches your PlayStation 4 setup.

The first thing that sticks out about the HyperX Cloud Gaming PlayStation 4 Headset is the color scheme. HyperX normally sticks to a red and black look for its headsets, but going to the signature PlayStation 4 blue is aesthetically pleasing. At its core, the headset is built with an aluminum frame that has been brushed with this color blue. The aluminum allows for bending and some excellent durability. This is also backed by a two year warranty. The aluminum splits off to attach to the ear cups as it is a different type of design in comparison to HyperX’s competition. However, the blue is what catches your eye with this headset.

The ear cups feature the HyperX logo with a white-to-blue transition rather than the red as the exterior is matte black. Inside contains the leatherette ear cushions that are extremely comfortable. Overall, the HyperX Cloud is quite possibly the most comfortable headset I have worn. The adjustable headband also features the same cushion for your head. The ear cups are big enough to cover your entire ear, making casual listening to music during traveling enjoyable as well. Combine all of this with how lightweight the entire headset is and it is truly pleasant to wear it.

The headset comes with a detachable microphone that is bendable to your needs. The noise-cancelling microphone provides crisp and clear communication. The one issue with the headset is that there is a cover for the microphone port that came with a small rubber cover for the port. That small cover is already lost. If you plan on leaving the mic in, that’s not an issue. If you are out and about listening to music and water or dirt gets in the mic port, however, that could end up being an issue. Having that port cover attached would have been a nice touch. It should be noted that the audio from the microphone is clear.

The Cloud Gaming headsets are also wired, so if you’re looking for something wireless it will come at about double the price. Sony has its own Gold headset that is wireless and retails for $20 more, but sometimes can be found on sale for what this headset retails for. The cabling is shielded and uses 3.5mm jack for connection to the bottom of the DualShock 4. This also includes easy audio controls on the cable itself.

The sound quality is solid for the price. At one point, I thought I was hearing someone having a real conversation in the background and realized that was the stereo sound doing its thing. It isn’t as superbly detailed as higher-priced sets, but it also combines with the comfort aspect of the headset. The sound clarity is clear and the volume level isn’t blaring. This helps with ear fatigue, which took a couple hours of straight play before noticing.

This HyperX Cloud Gaming PlayStation 4 Headset retails for $79.99 and is currently available at Best Buy and on Amazon. For this price, you get solid sound quality, durability and an extremely comfortable headset. When looking at the competition around that price, this headset offers more than the Logitech G Pro, which is $99, and is comparable to the Sony Gold Headset, which is wireless but lacks the comfort level of the Cloud.

Closing Comments:

Those looking for an affordable, third-party gaming headset that is officially licensed by Sony will be hard pressed to pass up the HyperX Cloud Gaming PlayStation 4 Headset. The comfort level allows for hours of gameplay with sufficient sound quality and durability. The headset is aesthetically pleasing to look at and will match your PlayStation 4 color scheme. Taking this lightweight headset with you is manageable, but losing the mic port cover is easy and makes the headset prone to messing up the port. Luckily, there’s a two year warranty for the device.