Review: HyperX Cloud MIX Rose Gold Edition

HyperX has established themselves as a viable option for quality gaming headsets over the last few years, offering a variety of headsets at various price points to cater to different segments of the market. One of their higher-end models came out almost a year ago, the Cloud MIX. The Cloud MIX was most notable for being HyperX’s first Bluetooth headset, and thanks to Bluetooth and 3.5 mm connectivity, was an extremely versatile headset that was compatible with mobile devices, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, VR and Xbox One. The newest headset from HyperX is the Cloud MIX Rose Gold Edition.

White has been a popular color this year for headsets, as other popular manufacturer’s have tried to brighten the endless of sea of noir gaming headsets. The Cloud MIX Rose Gold Edition is white with rose gold highlights, and if this is a color scheme that is personally appealing, this is a nice-looking and tastefully-designed headset. Getting into the stuff below the snow-colored surface, the user will find dual chamber 40mm drivers, a flexible detachable gaming mic that is TeamSpeak and Discord certified for game chat and an internal Bluetooth enabled mic that is ideal for mobile communication. The volume controls for wired mode are located on the 3.5mm input cord and the ones for Bluetooth are indicated by plus and minus buttons on the actual headset. This headset is certified to deliver Hi-Res Audio with frequencies up to 40kHz.

Driver: Custom dynamic, 40mm driver with neodymium magnets
Type: Circumaural; Closed back
Frequency Response: 10Hz–40,000Hz
Impedance: 40 Ω
Sound Pressure Level: 100dBSPL/mW at 1kHzT.H.D.: < 2%
Weight: 260g
Weight with Mic: 275g

Cable Length
Detachable Headset Cable: 1.3m
PC Extension Cable: 2mUSB
Charging Cable: 0.5m

Connection Type
Detachable Headset Cable: 3.5mm plug (4 pole)
PC Extension Cable: 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs

Boom Microphone
Element: Electret condenser microphone
Polar Pattern: Noise-cancelling
Frequency Response: 50Hz-18,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -42dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)

Built-in Microphone
Element: Electret condenser microphone
Polar Pattern: Omni-directional
Frequency Response: 50Hz-8,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -33dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)

Battery Life
Bluetooth: 20 hours (tested at 50 percent volume)
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Wireless Range2: Up to 10 meters (may vary by environment)

If one were to contrast the specs to the Rose Gold Edition of the Cloud MIX to the one that came out last November they’d notice that this is essentially the same headset, save for the appearance. The Cloud MIX headset is of excellent quality and great versatility, and unless someone is adamant about 3D audio or surround sound, this is a headset that can address all of a person’s mobile and gaming headset needs. The well-cushioned ear cuffs and light frame ensure that the headset remains comfortable for extended gaming or music listening sessions, and the Rose Gold headset offers a sophisticated looking alternative to the regular black Cloud MIX. Both varieties are excellent headsets, and now consumers have an option between two distinct color schemes. HyperX includes a black cloth bag to carry the headset and accessories with many of their products, and a nice twist with this was they substituted a white bag.

The Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition delivers high-quality sound whether used in wired or Bluetooth, though it sounds slightly better with a wired connection. The sound quality is great, there is clear distinction between different tracks with a rumbling distortion free low end that doesn’t overpower the mids and highs. A lot of subtle background noises and undertones get buried with stock speakers and cheaper headsets but all of those are clear in the mix with the Cloud MIX. There is no EQ mixing to really shape the sound to the user’s individualized preference but the Hi-Res Audio quality gave everything listened to during the review process a well balanced mix, both in terms of video game audio and the new Alcest album, among other things. For plug and play 3.5 mm headsets, this still remains one of the better options and the Bluetooth quality is impressive as well.

Closing Comments:

The Cloud MIX was one of the top headsets released in 2018, and thankfully the only thing that’s changed with the Rose Gold Edition is the color. The Cloud MIX Rose Gold Edition has an MSRP of $199.99 and is available through HyperX’s network of retail and e-tail outlets. The sound quality is consistent with other models at this price point and the main selling point is versatility. Between the 3.5 mm connection and Bluetooth, this headset could cover all mobile and gaming needs. What’s important to everyone in a headset varies from person to person. Certain bells and whistles such as surround sound aren’t available on this particular model, but for a headset that can be used with just about everything and sounds great, the Cloud MIX is a great option in either the Rose Gold or standard black variation.

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