Review: HyperX Spectre Eyewear

While not discussed often and generally not a major concern for most of us, blue light exposure is an inevitable part of being a gamer. With many of us now virtually attending the workplace or classroom over a computer the exposure has only increased. Blue light exposure has been linked in some studies to eye fatigue, blurry vision and lack of sleep. HyperX has joined the ranks of companies that manufacturer glasses designed to reduce exposure to blue light during gaming and other activities with their blue light blocking Spectre Eyewear Collection.

The Spectre Collection has three different glasses designs: Stealth, React and Scout. The Stealth model features thin-flex stainless steel metal temples, contouring injection tips and flex hinges to reduce pressure and remain comfortable when used with a headset. The Stealth is available in three frame styles and color options with nylon lenses designed to reduce color distortion. This is the model Hardcore Gamer got to field test, so when we get to discussing our experience, this is the model that will be specifically referenced.

The React lineup offers optional polarized clip-on sunglass lenses that attach using magnets to help reduce glare and protect from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The react uses crystal clear polycarbonate lenses to minimize eyestrain. The frame uses a flexible design to conform to various head shapes and size and ultra-thin flexible rubber temple tips fr greater headset compatibility and is available in a few different styles. All Spectre React and Stealth eyewear comes with a hard case and a microfiber pouch and are available in different sizes.

The Scout is the youth collection, featuring color-blocking accents with different designs and naturally comes in the smaller youth size. The Scout line up also uses crystal-clear polycarbonate lenses that filter out blue light and reduce the effects of digital eyestrain. The Scout glasses are lightweight with smaller profiles that use textured temple tips to reduce slippage. All scout glasses comes with a microfiber pouch.

Out of the box, the Spectre Stealth fit comfortably even though I guessed on what size to get. The different glasses sizes are specified on the website with specific measurements if people want to get the ideal fit. There is some minor light reflection in the peripheral vision when wearing these glasses just around home and while it’s not too distracting it shows that these are designed to be used when spending time staring at a screen.

When wearing the glasses it seems that they do what they are supposed to. They are lightweight and comfortable enough where it was easy to forget that I was wearing them. The lenses in the Spectre Stealth are clear so things look about how they are supposed to. Taking the glasses off and putting them back on while looking at my TV showed that there’s slight discoloration with the graphics but it’s so minor it’s only noticeable when doing a side-by-side comparison. Compared to some other glasses with yellow lenses, wearing the Spectre Stealth leaves the games looking true to the original intended graphics. The glasses were worn with a couple different headsets and due to their thin nature there was no discomfort from pairing them with over ear headsets.

Should people be worried about blue light? That depends on which study you read. There isn’t evidence that exposure to blue light from electronic devices can cause permanent damage to one’s eyes though excessive exposure can lead to digital eye strain, which can include dry eyes, trouble focusing and blurry vision, which are all temporary. Blue light exposure has been linked to blocking production of melatonin that can help regulate sleep so if you have trouble falling asleep and tend to play with your phone while lying in bed these glasses may be beneficial.

Closing Comments:

The HyperX Spectre Stealth is good choice for people looking for blue light blocking glasses. They are lightweight, comfortable and cause virtually no change to the appearance of games. These seem like the ideal blue light blocking gaming glasses. Now how concerned someone should be about blue light exposure and a scientific analysis of how effective these glasses are at reducing it are questions above a game journalist’s pay grade. But after wearing the Spectre Stealth for a few days of spending copious hours in front of computer, TV and cellphone screens, the glasses did seem to reduce my eye strain.