Review: Respawn RSP-1063

Mouse pads are a necessity when it comes to doing any type of computer gaming or work. The problem with mouse pads is at some point there’s going to be the inevitable need to move the mouse back to the center since you’ve run out of room in whatever direction you moved it. Usually this isn’t too problematic, but running out of space to move the mouse has made it to the list of sometimes-legit-but-usually-not reasons for getting killed in some online multiplayer game. Respawn has heard the lamentations of those whose game lives have ended prematurely due to the finite surface of their mouse pad and offer a solution: the RSP-1063 and RSP-1048. These computer desks appear like a typical computer desk, but offer one distinct difference: their entire surface area is covered with a mouse pad. So as long as there is open desk space, there is room to move the mouse.

The RSP-1063 and RSP-1048 are virtually the same desk with two main differences. The RSP-1063 is 63 inches wide and has three grommet holes for cable management while the RSP-1048 is 48 inches wide and has only two grommet holes. Technically, there is a third difference in that the RSP-1063 is heavier, but that is pretty much a given considering the larger size. Hardcore Gamer is working with the RSP-1063 for this review, but with the exceptions of those differences, the descriptions and critique of the desk (on paper) appears that it can be applied to the RSP-1048.

When you get right down to it, this is a large desk that is draped with a mouse pad that covers the entire surface. The mouse pad is about five millimeters thick and has a little bit of a squishiness to it. It’s also not an ideal flat surface for drawing or writing, but it’s firm enough where placing beverages on the desk is a cause for concern. This desk is designed strictly for computer activity and in that regard it does well. The desk is made up of three separate pieces, each with a grommet hole that allow for convenient cable organization. The center of the desk curves inward to allow the user to get closer to action with extra room on the side. No one really needs a mouse pad that is the size of their desk, but it’s a nice convenience to have no restrictions on what part of the desk the mouse can be used.

The size and shape of the RSP-1063 make a triple monitor set up easy, and with a 200 lb/90 kg listed weight limit, there’s a lot of freedom in creating a serious computer set up that would be ideal for projects beyond gaming such as animation or music. Something that was personally appealing is how heavy this desk is. It weighs around 90 lb/40 kg and feels sturdy, so there isn’t really a need to worry if you decide to push the weight capacity to its limit. The desk is solid once it’s constructed, though that process is a bit of a pain. The desk didn’t come with any printed instructions but fortunately they are available online.

Once everything was put together this ended up being a nice workstation. As someone who uses a single monitor set up there is plenty of space left over for various other things. One of the nicer perks about the mousepad covering the surface is how well it caters to laziness. The main selling point that was used for it was how a desktop-sized mouse pad would give an advantage in video games. There is some merit to the claim since it greatly reduces the needs to relocate the mouse in order to continue having surface area to move it but what I really like about it was that I can just leave the mouse any old spot and it’s good to go. That says more about me than the desk, but I’m still putting that in the positive category.

Closing Comments:

The Respawn RSP-1063 a cool idea, but ultimately feels unnecessary. It’s a nice desk and there are some obvious perks to having all that mouse pad, but it seems like this is more of a niche item than a must have. Its sturdy construction and sleek design make it an attractive and functional piece of office equipment. The real deciding factor is how big of a mouse pad does someone actually want or what other needs someone has for their work station. For hardcore gaming, however, this is a pretty nice desk to have.

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